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New Years Eve Invitations  
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A New Years Eve party is a fun way to gather your friends to celebrate a passing year, and to welcome in another. Invitations are a first impression to the party and can make your preparations seem professional and organized. This impression could mean a higher attendance and provide your guests with anticipation for the event.

When you choose a theme for your New Years Eve party, it’s a good idea to start with invitations to make sure everything will look coordinated before purchasing decorations. If you happen to buy decorations first and cannot find an invitation to match, check out custom made invitations and be involved from start to finish. If your party happens to fall around the holidays, it’s polite to plan a few months ahead of time so you can give your friends and family time to plan around other obligations.

A few pieces of information you can include on your New Years invitations:
- Dress code
- Age limit
- What to bring; food or drinks
- A time and location
- A reminder to plan a safe ride home, and to drink responsibly.

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