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When your big day has past, and the threat of real life starts to set in, you start truly thanking the folks that loved you enough or had the foresight to give you some wisdom, money, or stuff for your house. It's at that time you wish you had some of these. So get them now before it's too late! Graduation Thank You Cards are the premiere way of showing appreciation to those that came by your graduation. Sometimes their presence is just motivating, sometimes they give you money. Either way, they all deserve to be thanked.

My first Graduation Thank You Card for when I graduated went to my old neighbor, who also was a big family friend, who was also my Kindergarten teacher. Her alone coming to my graduation meant a lot to me. And it was important that I thanked her. If you get surprised and loved in the same ways, then we recommend making some heartfelt graduation thank you cards to show how much that meant to you.

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