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Labor Day was a bad thing as a kid, and a great thing as an adult. Not too often that happens huh?

Yes sireebob, the kids are either back in school or headed there very soon, and you get a day off work, and a 3 day weekend. It's no wonder that Americans of all kinds gather and do stuff, have fun, and eat. I know we did and do. If there was a barbecue, then you can be darn sure I'm there cooking a T-bone on it.

Labor day is usually an event to gather. It's the end of summer, the holidays are coming and we really don't get a break until they arrive. Celebrate together, get everyone headed your way with our Labor Day invitations. Be it a pot luck, or a hike up the mountain, enjoy the warm weather because it's not going to stick around long. That's how it was in Colorado anyways. Order our labor day invitations and enjoy free unlimited customization, speedy shipping, fantastic paper stocks, and pricing the beats many of our competitors, and they still charge for weird stuff like adding an extra photo, or using the back of the card. We don't, that's all free. Enjoy it.

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