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This category is due for a sprucing up. We've seen some research done about just what people search for, and there's quite a bit of search for retirement invitations. Specifically, military and police retirements are something we'd like to do more with, and I've asked our designers to start popping out some more designs for this category. It's a long list of to-do's here at PurpleTrail as we're ALWAYS improving our site and methods. The very environment here encourages finding better ways, new ideas, and innovation.

Outside of the above, here are some basic designs that you can turn into anything else. Add photos, remove what stuff you don't like, change the colors of the text and a few of the other items, and not just on these cards, but on any of our card. If there's a bowling card you like more, by all means, use that one to start with. You can make a wedding rehearsal card into a sweet sixteen invite in just a few clicks. There's really not too many limitations. Custom cards, personalized planners, and other stationery at PurpleTrail.

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