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This may be just me, but when I was a kid, I was never EVER satisfied with the notebooks I found at big box stores. They were either really plain with just a color choice for the cover, or an image of something really mainstream. I think the coolest one I ever got had the Tasmanian Devil on the front of it, courtesy of Warner Brothers. But even that wasn't what I truly wanted. I wanted a personalized notebook. Something I could decorate.

What a time we live in where now, that's not only possible, but encouraged, especially on We make custom notebooks that you can design the covers of. So if the stores just aren't doing you justice, or you're feeling just a bit more creative today, then definitely have a look around. Keep in mind that everything here has the ability to be customized. You can completely wipe clean any cover you see here and start from scratch, or use these as a starting point if you don't like them as they are. Fact Is: We love seeing what you'll make with our tools and designs, so keep them coming. Personalized Notebook at PurpleTrail.

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