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I got baptized a little later in my life. I'm pretty sure I was 12. My brothers and I all got baptized at the same time. We lived in a small town away from the rest of our family so everyone drove in from other parts of the state(s). It was a much bigger event than I could have predicted as young as I was. Our tiny little church was packed with people, more than at mass usually. And they were all there for my brothers and I. Not just family, but other church members and family friends. I wish we had a guestbook that day so I could go back and revisit everyone that day in my memory.

Guestbooks are so much more than just a place to sign your name. These unlock memories for years to come. If you've signed your name in a guestbook, you've locked yourself into a spot in the memory of whoever opens that book up years later. PurpleTrail wanted not only to create guestbooks for any event or purpose, we wanted them to last well beyond the time that you would sign it. We want this to be something you can open 50 years later, and bathe in the memories of that special day.

PurpleTrail has made a large assortment of stationery, but none longer lasting than our hardcover guestbooks. If your child is being baptized, or christened, then these are an A+ choice to give them the memories of that day forever. Unmatched print quality, quick shipping, long lasting custom Christening and Baptism guestbooks.

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