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Bridal Shower Guest Books

Bridals Showers are quite varied among those who throw them. Sometimes it's a trip to an island to be pampered, sometimes it's just held at Mom's house. That's why we've allowed for maximum personalization so it matches the bride and your event perfectly. It comes with two size choices, custom covers in 3 different materials, several selections for inside pages, or you can make one of your own. You can spend minutes, or you can spend hours designing, it's as complex as you make it.

Bridal Showers are a special time in a bride-to-be's wedding journey. Give her a lasting memory with a custom guest book filled with well wishes and tips for her married life. Custom guestbooks aren't all we make either that can leave a lasting impression on the bride. Check out our bridal journals, wedding planners, and heck, the wedding invites and cards too. We make it all, and it's all custom. When she sees how pretty the guest book is, she'll come see us.

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