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Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is a great way to earn income and is completely free to join. There is no better affiliate program for custom stationery.

Affiliate Program Summary

  • Industry leading commission of up to 10%
  • Average order size of $80
  • 30-day cookie for conversion tracking
  • Cookie tracking across both web and mobile For example, if someone clicks on your affiliate link on web and ends up using our Mobile app, you will still get credit for the sale.
  • Get a link to any design and category for maximum CTRs
  • Joining is simple and free!
PurpleTrail  Loyalty Program

Most Common Questions

What is the PurpleTrail Affiliate Program and how does it work?

The PurpleTrail Affiliate Program allows participating affiliates to earn commission for referring customers who purchase items on PurpleTrail via a special tracking link. We provide participants in the affiliate program with custom links and images to place on their website, blog, social media, etc. All sales referred from each affiliate’s custom links are tracked and commission is paid accordingly.

What types of websites are eligible for the PurpleTrail Affiliate Program?

We accept many types of websites. We will not approve websites that feature offensive material (hate, sexually explicit. etc.) and we reserve the right to refuse membership without warning at any given time.

What is the cost to join the Affiliate Program?

It’s free! There is no cost for you to participate in the Affiliate Program.

What if I live outside the United States? Can I participate?

Yes, as long as your country of residence is supported by Paypal. Commissions will be paid in U.S. dollars via Paypal. If you will be conducting business outside the United States, you must adhere to that country’s laws and rules.

Do I need to apply more than once if I have multiple websites?

No. You just need to list all your websites in your initial application so each one can be reviewed. Once approved, you can advertise PurpleTrail on all sites you listed in your affiliate profile.

What is your commission rate?

We offer up to 10% commission on all purchases.

What is your average order size?

Average orders are approximately $80+. During the holiday, wedding and graduation seasons, our average orders are $100+.

If I put in links now, can I start earning commissions right away?

Yes. Once you are approved you will have immediate access to affiliate links. You will immediately start accruing your commission money for any sales you send to us through your links.

Is there a minimum annual threshold to stay in the Affiliate Program?

There is no minimum annual threshold to remain in the program, but you will not receive a commission payment until your commissions have reached $100.

Can I buy PurpleTrail products for myself through my affiliate links?

Of-course. However, you will not earn commission on these purchases.

Will I receive discounts on PurpleTrail and other PurpleTrail services?

We do not offer discounts to affiliates. We do encourage you to use your affiliate links on your purchases so that you can earn commission on them.

Can I use images from PurpleTrail?

All images are copyrighted. You may use images to promote our services on your website and all images used should be related to the sale and promotion of our service and products. If you wish to use our website images for a purpose that falls outside of the above stated policy, please contact us for written consent prior to use.

Account & Commissions

How do I get credit for my orders?

When a person clicks on an affiliate link from your site, a cookie is applied to that person’s computer. The link clicked has your unique PurpleTrail affiliate ID number embedded. Our system tracks the cookie and applies the sale to your PurpleTrail affiliate account once that person completes an order. The cookie will remain valid for 30 days from when the link was clicked.

Make sure you are using the full affiliate links obtained from your PurpleTrail affiliate account. Please make sure you are not using public URL’s from our website, as we cannot properly track orders or pay commissions unless you use your affiliate link.

What is your cookie policy?

If a visitor comes to PurpleTrail from your website but leaves without purchasing, the cookie tracking is good for 30 days. When they return, even if they navigate directly to the website and as long as they make a purchase within the specified number of days, you will earn commission from the sale (as long as the customer has not deleted the cookies from their computer).

How and when do I get paid?

PurpleTrail will pay your commissions via PayPal. A PayPal account is necessary to receive payments. Your commissions must total at least $100 before payment will be issued. All balances lower than $100 will rollover to the next month and will be paid out when the threshold is reached.

Are there reports available to me to help me track my transaction data?

Yes. You can access all of your transaction data from your PurpleTrail Affiliate account.

Do product returns affect my commission?

Yes. Your account will be debited the commission under the following circumstances:

  • Customer returns products(s) for a refund
  • Credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute
  • Credit card fraud

We have less than 0.1% return rate so this is a rare occurrence.

Links and Banners

How do I access my affiliate links?

Once your affiliate status is approved, you will be able to easily access links from the affiliate “getting started” page as well as from the “Get Affiliate Link” tool available on almost every page of the website.

Can I modify the affiliate links?

No. Please do not attempt to modify the links in any way. By doing so you will impede our ability to track your sale and credit you accordingly.

Can I share links on social media?

We are happy to have you promote affiliate links on your own Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. However, you must abide by these general guidelines:

  • You may use your affiliate links on your own Facebook, Twitter, etc. pages.
  • You may not post your affiliate links on any of the social media pages for the PurpleTrail family of sites to attempt turning those links into affiliate sales.

How many links should I put on my site?

The number of links you choose to post is up to you. We do not have any minimum requirements. We do find that a combination of products and text links seems to improve overall click through and conversion rates.

Important Terms and Conditions

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

If you are enrolled in our Affiliate Program and also participate in PPC advertising, you must observe our PPC guidelines:

  • You may not bid on any of our terms defined as unusable terms (defined below), including any variations or misspellings thereof for search or content based campaigns on Google, MSN, Yahoo or any other network.
  • You may not use our unusable terms in sequence with any other keyword (i.e. PurpleTrail Coupons).
  • You may not directly link to our website from any Pay Per Click ad or use redirects that yield the same result.

It is your responsibility as the affiliate to exclude our defined unusable terms. If you violate our PPC policy you will forfeit all commissions for a minimum of the past 30 days and your commission will be set to 0% without warning.

Unusable Terms: PurpleTrail,, PurpleTrail

Domain Names – Restrictions

You are prohibited from using any of our unusable terms (defined above) as part of the domain or sub-domain for your website (for e.g. or

Commission Reversal Policy

We reserve the right to reverse commissions due to order cancellations, duplicate tracking, returns, disputed charges, and program violations as outlined. Cause for commission reversal includes:

  • Program violations as defined in affiliate program terms and conditions
  • Duplicate Tracking
  • Non-responsive communication after many attempts are made to contact via the information listed in your network profile.
  • Inability to validate traffic source to our Affiliate Program with discernible proof.
  • Fraud

Violations will be taken seriously and evaluated on a case by case basis. If any of the above violations are proven true, we reserve the absolute right to reverse orders, set your commission to 0%, suspend you from the program, or even terminate your account. We recognize some issues may be the product of system automation. If needed, we will work with you to uncover the source of the problem.

FTC Disclosure Requirements

On all pages and posts that display affiliate links posted as a review or endorsement, you must include a distinct disclosure statement in no uncertain terms, that you received compensation for the review or endorsement. If you received free product from us to review, you must also clearly state this in your disclosure.

Your success is our success. If you have any other questions about the PurpleTrail affiliate program, please contact us at
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