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Couples Shower Invitations

Wedding showers are typically for the bride. However, some couples do it differently, and decide to hold a joint shower where everyone's invited. Not a terrible idea, couple's showers, but being the man, I probably would have preferred just doing my normal stuff instead of playing nice with the ladies. Besides, I know what the bride gets sometimes, why ruin the surprise for me? Right? Right.

If you're having a couple's shower, then we've got a collection of cards for you. Personalize any of the above cards any way you like. Click the card you like. click the big personalize button on the next page, pour some wine, and have some fun. There are more options for your card than what you see in the design center, including envelopes and their color, mailing service or address printing, different paper stocks, and then some. Our couples shower cards are very nice, but don't forget to peek around at all the other cool stuff we can do for you as you plan your wedding.

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