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While I'm not from one of the great bbq states, I've visited a few, and have tasted some of the best bbq goods man can offer another man. BBQ's just exude fun, relaxation, and a bit of an opportunity to 'pig out.' So if you're holding one of these events for a birthday, holiday, or just because you've got enough meat to feed the neighborhood, then be sure to pass out some invitations to your BBQ with the time, date, what to bring if anything, and any other relevant info. Everything on our site is customizable in one way or another, so you have no excuse to not create the best bbq invitations ever seen by man.

BBQ invites from PurpleTrail are a great choice to let all your guests know what to bring and when to arrive for the best BBQ this or that side of the Mississippi river. When, you're holding a grill out session, a pig roast, or just a plain old barbeque/barbecue, then consider us to get everyone gathered.

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