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From cocktail parties to cookie exchanges, a holiday get together is the perfect way to celebrate your family and friends during everyone’s favorite time of the year! Whether you’re going for a formal or casual environment, your invitation will inform your guests of your party’s tone in a direct but festive manner. If all vital information is included, your guests will be prepared and excited to attend your holiday gathering! Check out the following tips to ensure your guests know what to expect at your party and that your invites envoke the vibe of your party.
Once you’ve decided on the look of your invite (colorful and fun or elegant and posh), make sure to use the appropriate language to reiterate the tone of your party. The more information you give, the more comfortable your guests will feel about attending. Your name and location should be front and center, and be sure to include the reason for the celebration. Then, add any details that will help your guests know what to expect – potluck or prepared dinner, where to park, gift exchange, etc. Here are some examples of invitation layouts to achieve the ideal invite for your unique holiday gathering!
- An honorific such as Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.
- The invite, such as “You are cordially invited to The Smith’s 2nd annual Christmas Charity Auction”
- Name of the hosts, such as “Paul and Patricia Smith request the honor of your presence to celebrate the season.”
- Date/time/location/dress code
- RSVP and reply card
- Details, such as “Please bring an unwrapped item to contribute to the charity auction.”
- The guest’s name, such as “Samantha Taylor and Guest” or “Polly and Seth Smith”
- The invite, such as “You are invited to a gingerbread bake-off and decorating party!”
- Name of host(s)/date/time/location/dresscode
- Details, such as “Please bring ingredients for your gingerbread recipe! Royal icing and candy decor will be provided.”
- The employee’s name
- The invite, such as “PT4E’s Annual Holiday Extravaganza”
- Date/time/location/dress code
- Details, such as “Don’t forget to leave your Secret Santa gift in the break room by 5pm on December 18th!”

Not only is the information about your party crucial, so is timing! One’s calendar can fill up fast during the holidays, so if you’re planning a holiday party, it’s important to send your invitations out as soon as possible. Take note of the advice below and your party will surely have a great turnout!
1. Mail out your invites 3 to 4 weeks in advance. If you’re feeling busy, it’s safe to assume your friends and family are, too, so give them a nice notice!
2. When addressing envelopes, only include the names of those you are inviting to the party, as this will help avoid confusion. Here are some examples:
The Smith Family (This includes any adults and any children)
Paul and Patricia Smith
Paul Smith and Guest
Mr. Paul Smith and Ms. Samantha Taylor
3. If including an RSVP, expect to hear back from your guests within a week. During this time of the year, your friends and family will understand the significance of a speedy response. Also, if you’re planning on a large gathering with a lot of attendees, don’t hesitate to check in with your recipients once the invitations have been delivered.

Once your invites are sent, all that's left to do is shop, decorate, and cook! You'll be hosting a hit holiday party in no time!

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