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To help reduce the emotional and physical strain of planning a wedding, consider using a paper wedding planner to get organized! Our wedding planners here at Purple Trail include a customizable calendar and bright, color coded pages with a variety of headings, such as Budget, Research, Attire, and Honeymoon (to name a few), all with layouts perfect for making lists, doodling, or taking notes. Using a paper wedding planner will definitely help you and your life partner create an anxiety-free, tensionless wedding day, but that’s not all you can do! Check out the list below for even more tips on producing a stress-free wedding.

1. Ask for help: Many couples feel as though they can do it all on their own, but on your wedding day you want to feel like a guest, and not part of the staff. Consider hiring a Day Of Coordinator, just to help the actual wedding day go smoothly, and so you can socialize without having a to-do list on your mind. You can also ask a close friend or a family member to be in charge of certain details of the day, such as getting people together for photos, or putting aside memento items for your scrap book - basically tasks you as the bride or groom won’t have time to do, or will easily forget.
2. Stay comfortable: If wearing traditional bride attire, pack at least three pairs of shoes to wear throughout the day, as well as insoles. In order to keep your skirt and veil in place, have weights sewn into the fabric, disguised as decorative embellishments like pearls or gems. If wearing a suit, pick a fabric that’s right for the season – wool or cashmere for colder weather and linen or seersucker for summer. Cotton suits are a great neutral for anytime of year.
3. You can’t control everything: There’s no need to continuously check the weather, or to get angry when the caterer serves arugula salad instead of kale. Go with the flow and focus on the positive. If you’re smiling and having a good time, your guests will be, too, so keep any negative energy out of sight!
4. Have some alone time with your new spouse: Whether it’s just 5 to 10 minutes, sneak away to talk with your partner after the ceremony, either in a dressing room or a predetermined secret spot. After all, this day is all about you two, and it’s important that you have time to reflect and talk about the wedding together uninterrupted, while it’s still fresh. It’s also a great way to get re-energized and excited about the reception!

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