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New! Quick RSVP Service
Quick RSVP service

Use our RSVP service in 2 easy ways

Order Quick RSVP Cards With Your Invitations
  • Easily add printed RSVP cards during check out
  • Unique RSVP URL is printed on each card
  • Optional QR code to make it super easy to RSVP
  • Printed RSVP Cards are only $0.25 each
  • Once you place your order, Your RSVP website will automatically be created
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Create RSVP Website Before Ordering
  • Get your unique RSVP URL and add it to printed invitations or RSVP cards
  • Share URL over email or Facebook
  • RSVP manager is free to use
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With our RSVP manager you are able to:

With our RSVP manager you are able to

Did you know?

Apple iPhone & iPad devices can scan & recognize QR codes using camera.
Just launch the camera and point it towards the QR code and you are done! It’s that easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Do I need to order printed cards to use Quick RSVP?

Not at all. It’s completely free to create an event without having to order any printed cards. Just navigate to the RSVP Website tab in your account and select the Create an Event button at the top of the page. Then simply share your custom URL with your guests.

2What is QR code and how can I scan it?

The QR code is machine-readable label that contains information about the URL for your event. If you choose to include the QR code in your card, your guests can scan it easily using the camera app on their iPhone or one of the many free QR code reader apps available for both iOS and Android devices.

3How long does it take?

Your event website is created immediately after customizing your event URL. The processing time for printed RSVP cards is the same as you selected for your printed invitations.

4How much does it cost to use this service?

Our Quick RSVP Service is completely free. If you are ordering printed Quick RSVP cards to be sent with your invitations,you only pay for the cards themselves ($0.25 each). You can view the pricing details as you complete your order.

5How can I manage my guest list?

Once your guests RSVP, you see their response and any messages from the RSVP Website within your PurpleTrail account. You can also export your guest list as a printable PDF or CSV spreadsheet.

6How can I share my event URL with my guests if I don’t order quick RSVP cards?

We provide you with the URL of your event website that you can share with guests in a number of ways. You can add the event URL to the text on your printed invitations or matching RSVP cards. You can also share the URL with your guests over email, instant messaging or other media. Additionally, we offer easy ways to share via your Facebook, Twitter, Pinter- est and Google accounts.

7Will you sell or share my guest's information with any third party service?

No, we will never share or sell any information you or your guests provide with any third party service. Please review our strict Privacy Policy for more details.

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