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Who throws a princess party? People with kids, that's who. Kids want all sorts of things. A princess party? Sounds about right. Well, we had some foresight and made a handful of Princess Party invitations that you can alter and make perfect for your royal bash.

Personalized Princess Party Invites are just the beginning in planning a party like this. You'll have to get a bouncy castle, a tiger they can call Rajah, and a chalice with all the pretty gems you can find. Enjoy it though, their sweet sixteen is just around the corner.

PurpleTrail is here to help you with most anything stationery related. Feel free to look around after you've saved your cards for something else that might benefit the party, be it a big banner to hang over the door or in the gathering area, or a guestbook of all her royal subjects who arrived to take part in the festivities. It's not just Princess Party Invites we have here.

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