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Christening Invitations

I grew up a Catholic, went to Sunday School, attended Catechism, and generally was pretty active in my church. It was not until that I started working here that I learned that a Christening even existed, and I'm not sure I fully understand it still. But the nice thing about that is that I don't have to understand it to write a description. Our designers know what it is though, and made some beautiful Christening invites just for you and yours. It's a special day, and we made special invitations.

All cards at PurpleTrail are able to be altered using our online card maker and design tool that unlocks every card element for change. Whether you're just moving the position of something, or removing it completely, there's no wrong way. Make what you think looks good, and we'll print and ship it to you just the same. That's the beauty of PurpleTrail, truly custom prints, cards, and invites that you can design at the top of a hat.

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