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It’s important to keep track of all the people in your life, but sometimes doing so can be difficult and messy. Although it may seem “old fashioned,” using a paper address book will help! An address book is a book used for recording the names, addresses, e-mails, birthdays, and phone numbers of a variety of contacts. From close friends and distant relatives, to your favorite restaurant, you’ll have all the information you need when it’s time to send out birthday cards or make dinner reservations - all in one place! If you’re tired of losing sticky notes and keeping piles of old envelopes around, customize your very own address book here at Purple Trail! Check out the tips below on how to start using your address book and keeping it organized and tidy.
1. Use Pencil - As last names can change with marriage, and people move to new towns, using a pencil will allow you to cleanly update an entry rather than having to cross out ink, leaving your entries more legible. You’ll get much more life our of your address book this way, too!
2. Color Code – If you’re more confident that the information won’t need to be changed during the use of your address book, consider color coding your entries to make finding a name even easier. For example, use black ink for family members, blue for friends, and green for doctors, dentists, hair stylists, etc. You’ll be able to find the person you’re looking for quickly by first spotting the appropriate color!
3. Think in terms of “In Case of Emergency” - While storing information on a computer or phone is commonplace these days, there’s always a possibility that all that information will be lost within seconds – whether it’s an accidental click of the mouse or a clumsy spill of water, having an address book on hand is convenient in those situations! And if for some reason a family member at home is having trouble contacting you, your address book is a great resource for them as means to narrow down your location and who you might be with.
Just because an address book might be old fashioned, doesn’t mean it has to be! With our collection of various designs - from modern and bright to classic and cool - using your new address book will not only be fun, but will help you feel less cluttered and more focused!

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