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Baby Showers are typically pretty girly events. Lots of ladies all chattering about Mom stuff. But a trend as of late is having couples showers where the men can be involved too, namely the father to be. If the father to be is involved, he'll probably get bored with all the lady talk. So that's why you invite the men too. They can have their efficient and pointed discussion of children before moving on to more enticing subjects of conversation, and have a good time just the same. Add some dude food like hot wings and filet mignon, then they'll actually want to come.

Here we have a collection of not too girly, not too masculine cards that are perfect for a couples shower. You want to make sure no one feels left out or that this party is for a specific crowd, so using the neutral designs is a good way to go. All of the above are perfectly customizable. Add photos, text, and more, all for no cost. Couples Shower Invites at PurpleTrail.

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