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Custom anniversary invitations are a great way to create a tribute to the loving couple. Our custom anniversary invitations can be personalized with our easy, online design tool in just minutes. Fast shipping available!

This is the BIG page of wedding anniversary invitations. We have several smaller pages devoted to specific milestones, but all those cards are here anyways. They're all on this page for the true purpose of our site, you can change anything you want on these. So if you see a 40th anniversary invite you'd rather have for your 20th, by all means, click on it, change the year and the info, et voila, you have yourself an invite you helped yourself make.

Everything on our site aside specific gift and addon items can ALL be personalized. That's as easy as changing the year, or as extensive as completely reworking a card to be for a different purpose altogether. We see our anniversary invites get turned back into wedding invites, and vice versa on a weekly basis. People love using our online card making tool to create some awesome card designs for their big events, and why shouldn't you?

Custom Anniversary Invitations from PurpleTrail!!

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