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From Secret Santas to White Elephants, an office holiday party is the perfect way to show appreciation to your employees and co-workers during an often busy time of the year. Here is the ideal way to layout a corporate holiday party invite:
- The employee’s name
- The invite, such as “PT4E’s Annual Holiday Extravaganza”
- Date/time/location/dress code
- Details, such as “Don’t forget to leave your Secret Santa gift in the breakroom by 5pm on December 18th!”

One’s calendar can fill up fast during the holidays, so if you’re planning an office holiday party, it’s important to send your invitations out as soon as possible. If given enough notice, your party will surely have a great turnout! If you're in charge of planning the office party, keep the following items in mind:
1. Not all of your co-workers or employees were raised under the same religion - consider a "holiday" party rather than a "Christmas" party as to not leave anyone feeling uncomfortable or unwelcome.
2. What time is most convenient for your attendees? Obviously you know the work schedule of your peers and employees, so decide whether a day time party during office hours or an evening gathering outside of work would be more convenient. Either way, try to make sure everyone can attend!
3. Be straightforward about who can and cannot attend - if plus ones and/or children are not allowed, don't hesitate to clearly say so.
4. Keep alcohol intake to a minimum, and consider everyone's interests when picking a theme and location.

Whether you're planning a fancy dinner at a nearby restaurant, or simply cookies and milk in the break room, your co-workers and employees will surely be appreciative of a chance to unwind during the holidays with the new friends they've made at the office!

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