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Sending a holiday card to your customers and colleagues is a friendly, courteous way to show them that you’ve appreciated their business throughout the year. Not only that, but it shows them that you understand the role they play in furthering your business relationships; receiving a card from you will delight your clients – they’ll be so excited to help your business in the new year! Receiving a holiday card can also remind old clients that you’re still in business, as well as attract new customers. Sending business holiday cards is a great move no matter how you look at it, so we’ve added some tips below to help you make your corporate holiday cards both impactful and gracious.
You want your customers and business associates to be impressed by your holiday card. During this often hectic time season, it’s important to be tactful and attentive. Though you may feel stressed and busy this time of year, be sure not to cut corners when it comes to your customers! Follow the guidelines below for high quality, inoffensive corporate joliday cards.
1. Pick a design and paper type the looks and feels professional and extravagant. A lavish looking card will convey that you’re invested in your customers. Here at Purple Trail, we even offer Designer Review – one of our in house designers will edit any spelling or date errors, as well as double check the alignment and quality of any photos or artwork you may add to your card. A great service when it comes to perfecting your corporate holiday card!
2. No need to send a year in review letter or family photos with these cards. It’s better to stick with a brief amount of information only concerning your business, as your clients are probably not interested in your vacations or new home.
3. Be respectful and aware of different religious beliefs. Select a portion of Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or generic winter designs for your diverse clientele and colleagues. If you’re feeling unsure, signing cards with “Season’s Greetings,” “Happy Holidays,” or “Warm Winter Wishes” is always safe.
4. Even if you’ve chosen a design with a seasonal message and your company logo/name already pre-printed, try to leave space for a personalized, hand written note as well. Opening each card with your client or associate’s name hand written at the top, then closing it with your hand written signature and quick memo is all it takes to impress, and will add a sense of warmth and thoughtfulness to your card.
5. If your cards will be signed by the company as a whole, there are a couple different ways to go about doing so. For more of a formal look and feel, simply sign off with the company name. Example: “Warmest Wishes, Sleigh Bell Auto”
A more casual example would be: “From your friends at Sleigh Bell Auto”
And if your company is made up of a small staff, it’s fun and charming to add everyone’s name, such as: “Happy Holidays! From Santa, Rudolph, and Blitzen at Sleigh Bell Auto” or “Seasons Greetings! From Mr. And Mrs. Clause, and the whole gang at Sleigh Bell Auto.”

Now that you’ve got all the tools to make the perfect corporate holiday card, get started on planning that office holiday party!

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