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Birthday Invitation Inspiration + Tips

Top Kids Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Use these top kids birthday party themes and birthday party ideas to plan an unforgettable celebration for your son or daughter. Covering kids birthday party invitations, kids birthday party venues, and winter, fall, spring, and summer kids birthday party ideas, this post has something for every type of kids birthday party.

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Top Summer Birthday Party Themes For Kids, Summer Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

With beautiful weather, abundant birthday venue choices, and no school, summer is the best time of year to have a birthday. If you’re still deciding on a theme for your kids summer birthday party, use the tips below for inspiration.

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Kids Summer Birthday Party Themes: Mermaid, Under The Sea Birthday Party Ideas

If you’re planning a summer birthday party for your little girl, a mermaid birthday party or under the sea birthday party is a theme bound to impress. Use the mermaid birthday party ideas below for fun ways to embellish this theme.

  • Make Mermaid Tails: A Mermaid tail craft will keep your guests entertained, and as guests wear them throughout your celebration, their costumes will add to your theme. There are a ton of mermaid tail tutorials online. Find one that suits your budget and guests age.
  • Hire A Mermaid: Professional mermaids can be hired to make appearances at special events or kid’s birthday parties. Most come in costume. Some even have mermaid tales they can swim in. Hiring one for your kids birthday party will bring your under the sea birthday party theme or mermaid birthday party theme to life.
  • Mermaid Birthday Party Invitations: Take a look at our new collection of mermaid birthday invitations and under the sea birthday invitations. All are fully-customizable and will introduce your mermaid birthday party theme to guests in a stylish, fun way.
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Kids Summer Birthday Party Themes: Picnic Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

A summer picnic birthday party, complete with picnic baskets, blankets, and snacks, can be fun for kids of all ages. Pick the perfect spot for your kids picnic birthday party and use the picnic birthday party ideas below for ways to incorporate this theme into your child’s special day.

  • Packed Picnic Baskets: Pack a picnic basket for each guests, with blankets, kites, and snacks they can enjoy throughout your kid’s celebration. Let the guests take their baskets home after the party, so they have a keepsake of your kid’s birthday.
  • Kids Picnic Birthday Party Invitations: Incorporating wood-grain or plaid details, sunny-summer accents and palettes, and rustic-inspired design into your kids picnic birthday party invitations will help embellish your theme and set the stage for the celebration ahead.
Kids Summer Birthday Party Themes: Pool, Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Allowing you to beat the heat, while keeping guests entertained, kids pool birthday parties are perfect for summer. You can combine this kids birthday party theme with the mermaid birthday party theme or use the pirate birthday party ideas below to add magic and whimsy to your son’s pool birthday bash.

  • Rent A Waterslide: Like bouncy castles, inflatable water slides can be rented for kids birthday parties. Instead of reserving space at a pool or renting a hotel room for your kids pool or pirate birthday party, you can rent a waterslide for your own backyard.
  • Pirate Birthday Party Invitations: Find kids birthday party invitations that make your theme loud and clear. If you plan to make your own pool pirate birthday party invitations, use nautical embellishments, a wavy trim, and fun pirate invitation wording to accentuate your motif.
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Top Fall Birthday Party Themes for Kids, Fall Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Although, in most places, by the time fall rolls around, weather starts to cool down and it may be too cold for an outdoor birthday party, there’s still plenty of fun to had this time of year with Halloween, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, apple harvests, and other fun fall activities.

Kids Fall Birthday Party Themes: Halloween Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

With costumes, treats, and spooky games and decor, Halloween birthday parties are a great choice for any boy or girl with a fall birthday. Use the Halloween birthday party ideas below for ways to put a Halloween twist on your kid’s fall birthday.

  • Visit A Pumpkin Patch: For your kid’s Halloween birthday party, plan a trip to a pumpkin patch. Take your kid and his or her guests. Have everyone pick out a pumpkin to carve. After spending a few hours hunting for the perfect pumpkins, take the kids back for pumpkin carving, cake, and games. Check to see if there are any pumpkin patches in your area with corn mazes, hay rides, warm cider, or fun activities for kids.
  • Halloween Birthday Party Invitations: Explore our expansive collection of fully-customizable Halloween birthday party invitations for kids. With templates ranging from colorful monster birthday invitations to zombie birthday invitations to fun and cute pumpkin Halloween birthday invitations, you’re are bound to find something that’s just right for your kid’s fall birthday party.
Kids Fall Birthday Party Themes: Autumn Harvest Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

If Halloween is a bit too spooky of a theme for your kid’s fall birthday party, try going with a more colorful and carefree fall birthday theme, like fall harvest, instead. Use the fall harvest birthday party ideas for kids below for inspiration.

  • Visit An Apple Orchard: Take your son or daughter and his or her friends to an apple orchard for their fall birthday. Kids can pick their own fruit and tour the grounds. Celebrate at home afterwards or pack a picnic and a birthday cake to celebrate while out.
  • Autumn Harvest Birthday Party Invitations: Birthday invitations with festive fall colors, rustic embellishments, and fall bounty, like pumpkins or apples, will set the mood for your kids autumn harvest birthday party.
Top Winter Birthday Party Themes For Kids, Winter Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

With twinkling blankets of snow, snow sports, and the holidays, winter birthdays can be beautiful, fun occasions for kids. Use the top winter birthday party themes for kids below to find the perfect ideas for your son or daughter’s winter soiree.

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Kids Winter Birthday Party Themes: Frozen Birthday Party Ideas
  • Go Ice Skating - Take your kid and his or her birthday guests ice skating before celebrating at home with frozen birthday party games, gifts, and cake. If you don’t mind spending a little more and live in or near a major city, you could even take your kid to see Frozen On Ice. Check out for ticket information.
  • Frozen Birthday Capes - Incorporating costumes and crafts into your kid’s birthday party will not only be fun for the kids, but also embellish your frozen theme. Learn how to make your own Elsa capes with a piece of sheer, sparkly, blue fabric and velcro adhesive on
  • Frozen Birthday Party Invitations: Make your own frozen birthday party invitations using any of our winter kids birthday invitations. With designs featuring icey blue palettes, fun faux glitter details, and wintry landscapes, you’re bound to find one that suits your kids Frozen birthday party perfectly.
Kids Winter Birthday Party Themes: Christmas, Holiday Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

If your kid’s birthday takes place near Christmas, there are tons of fun holiday birthday party themes you can incorporate into their celebration. For girls, a nutcracker ballerina birthday party would be super cute, while young boys might enjoy a rudolph the red nosed reindeer birthday party. Use the creative holiday birthday party ideas below for fun ways to add festivity and joy to your kid’s winter birthday party.

  • Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Birthday Party Ideas : Celebrate your kid’s winter birthday with a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer birthday party. Play reindeer games, like pin the nose on Rudolph.
    • Make a festive holiday photo booth by covering a wall with wintry wrapping paper. Pass out cute Christmas props to guests and using a simple digital camera to snap their photos.
    • Watch the classic Christmas movie. And, embellish your kid’s holiday birthday party theme further by passing out red foam noses to guests to wear throughout the celebration.
    • Introduce your Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer birthday theme to guests with personalized holiday kids birthday party invitations from, complete with festive wording, bright Christmas colors, and fun reindeer embellishments.
  • Nutcracker Ballerina Birthday Party Ideas: A Nutcracker ballerina birthday party is a fun, creative winter birthday theme you little girl will love. Pass out tutus to guests as they arrive as party favors. Make adorable DIY ballerina paper snowflakes with guest by following the instruction listed on
    • Decorate your party space with pink balloons wrapped in pink tulle. Hire a ballet dancer to teach your guests basic ballet moves and gather guests with personalized ballerina girls birthday party invitations from
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Top Spring Birthday Party Themes For Kids, Spring Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

When weather starts to warm up and things come back to life after months of winter, spring can be a fine time of year for a kid’s birthday party. If your kid has a spring birthday, use the top spring birthday party themes for kids below for creative ways to make their birthdays extra special.

  • Mickey, Minnie Birthday Party Ideas: Mickey Mouse birthday parties and Minnie Mouse birthday parties are birthday themes that will never go out of style. All kids know and love the Disney characters, so including them in your kid’s spring birthday party will make the event more memorable.
  • Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas: Whether your daughter will be turning one, five, ten or any age in between, a Hello Kitty birthday theme can add tons of fun to her special day. With flowers in bloom and sunnier days, Hello Kitty birthday parties are especially perfect for spring.

Find creative party ideas in our Cute Hello Kitty And Friends Birthday Party Ideas, Invitations, Wording PartyTrail post and explore our new collection of Hello Kitty birthday invitations to find the perfect invitation for your daughter’s special day.

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Kids Birthday Party Venues: Where to have a birthday party for kids?

Wondering where to have your kid’s birthday party? Use the creative kids birthday party venue ideas below for inspiration.

  • Aquariums : Aquariums make perfect birthday venues for kids of all ages. Most offers birthday packages that include a tour of the exhibits as well as cake, food, and cleanup after the party. Some even do sleepover events, so your kid and his or her friends can spend the night among all the sea critters and participate in planned activities and games. Aquariums make especially good venues for mermaid birthday parties, under the sea birthday parties, or pirate birthday parties.
  • Beaches, Parks: You can always hold your kid’s birthday party at home, but if you want to make their party more interesting, find a spot outside with a beautiful view and fun things to do.
  • Beaches are a great choice. Guests will enjoy the scenery and, if they get bored, they can take a dip, play in the sand, or get a tan. Beaches make great venues for mermaid birthday parties, under the sea birthday parties, or pirate birthday parties.
  • Fruit Farms: Pick-your-own fruit farms make great venues for summer birthday parties. You can take your kid and his or her guests into the field to pick some produce and hold a picnic afterwards somewhere on the grounds.
  • Petting Zoos: If your kids likes animals, plan their spring or summer birthday party at a petting zoo. Tour the grounds, feed the animals, and have a picnic afterwards. Choose this venue if you’re planning a cowgirl birthday party, farm themed birthday party, or a rustic birthday party for your kid.
  • Flower Fields: If your kid’s birthday takes place in summer or spring, visit or plan their birthday party at a flower field, such as a tulip, lavender, sunflower, or poppy field. You can spend a few hours touring the grounds with your son or daughter and his or her friends and go back home to finish celebrating or you can pack a picnic and spend the whole day there.

Hopefully you found these kids birthday party themes, kids birthday party ideas, and kids birthday party venue ideas inspiring. For more kids birthday party theme ideas, explore our vast collection of kids birthday party invitations, which cover a variety of popular party themes for kids.

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