Introducing a 3-Ring Planner Binder Cover!

Introducing a 3-Ring Planner Binder Cover!


We’re so very excited to announce a new three-ring planner binder that is the triple-threat of the planner world: customizable, expandable and durable.  It offers the same organization and add-on options of our collection of spiral-bound planners with the abilityplanner binder cover
to easily add and remove pages.  With nothing more than a standard 3-hole punch, customers can add paperwork such as invoices, contracts, rubrics, factsheets, permission slips and more so that they’re accessible and organized.

It features a durable, hard book cover with a 2-inch customizable spine.  The planner is back-bound which allows it to lay completely flat for smooth page turning and ease of use.  The sturdy three-ring plate is a polished silver finish with 1.5″ binder rings.

The inside pages are made with 80 lb. premium paper and 110 lb. color card stock tabs.

For now, these are an option for any planner but do not have a spot on the site of their own just yet. If you’d like any planner to be a 3 ring. Let us know, and we’re more than willing to help.

Binder Planner Size Options

planner binder coverThe planner binder comes in two sizes:  8.5×11 and 6×8, both with a 2-inch customizable spine.  The larger size can accommodate standard-sized sheets of paper and larger handwriting.  The smaller size is convenient to carry in a bag or tote.

The finished dimensions for the 6×8 binder planner are:

  • Front Cover When Closed – 7.5 inches wide by 9.25 inches tall
  • Full Binder Opened Flat – 16.75 inches wide by 9.25 inches tall
  • Binder Spine – 2 inches wide
  • Ring Size – Standard 1.5 inch circumference

The finished dimensions for the 8.5×11 binder planner are:

  • Front Cover When Closed – 10 inches wide by 11.50 inches tall
  • Full Binder Opened Flat – 22 inches wide by 11.50 inches tall
  • Binder Spine – 2 inches wide
  • Ring Size – Standard 1.5 inch circumference

Binder Planner Add-on Options

At PurpleTrail, we know everyone plans their life a bit differently. So we give you options to customize your planner for every life stage and lifestyle.  The inside pages for our planners come in seven options:

Each of our inside page options are carefully researched and designed to provide the best organization tools for the type of planner selected.  Click on the inside page option above for more details on what’s included in the one that fits your style of organization.

Custom Planner Binder Covers

The fully bound-on-the-back, custom covers of PurpleTrail Planner binder can be highly personalized on the front, back and spine of the binder.  We have 100s of design ideas that can be modified, adjusted or used as is.  The spine can accommodate both horizontal and vertical text.

Unlimited Add-On Options

At PurpleTrail we allow you choose from 17 add-on options to add special sections to your planner.  Each of these helpful sections are a robust 10 sheets/20 pages and come with a coordinating tab divider page to make access easy.  Among our most popular add-on sections are checklists, fitness tracker, password list and to-do list.  For a complete list of add-on options and detailed descriptions, see this post.

One of the best things about the PurpleTrail binder planner is the unlimited number of add-ons you can include in your planner.  Only four add-ons can be included in our spiral-bound planners due to size limitations, but you can add as many as you want to our binder planners.  So, you can go a little crazy! If it exceeds the size of the binder, we’ll send the pages to you shrink wrapped so you can add them in as extra room becomes available.

As a special add-on option, we’ve created color-coordinated stickers to dress up and organize your planner.  You’ll find brightly colored tabs, boxes, alerts and lists in addition to cute decorations for appointments, games, birthdays and more. Customize your weekly planner or monthly planner specifically for you and your organizational needs.  When ordered, stickers come neatly attached inside your planner for convenience and ease of use.  So decorate a little or a lot — it’s all up to you!

personal planner stickers

The binder planner cover joins our popular hard and soft spiral-bound covers to give customers the broadest choice of covers on the market for their individual customized planner needs.  Which is your favorite PurpleTrail planner cover?  Tell us in the comments below!

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