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What makes Purpletrail the best online and print invitation service?
PurpleTrail is a great way to organize and manage parties, get-togethers, events and meetings. With its fresh perspective, PurpleTrail brings together some of the best features and experiences to help you easily manage your events. Here are the top 10 reason to use PurpleTrail Online and PurpleTrail Prints.

Top 10 reasons to use PurpleTrail Online Top 10 reasons to use PurpleTrail Prints
  1. All Online Invitations and eCards are Ad-Free
  2. Choose you card design from over 5000 designs
  3. All designs are fully customizable using our design center
  4. Excellent email deliverability and system reputation (rated by 3rd party systems).
  5. Guests do not have to sign-up to RSVP and interact
  6. Very easy and streamlined invitation creation, sending and management
  7. All the features you can think of including advanced features like recurring events, multiple email invitation designs, rich-text enabled event description
  8. Immediately download hi-resolution digital copy of your design
  9. Send professionally printed cards to supplement your online cards
  10. 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  1. Fully personalized printed invitations, cards or announcements.
  2. Professionally printed on high-quality, recycled paper
  3. Simple, affordable, hassle-free pricing: $0.99/postcard, $1.99/folded card
  4. Order as few as 10
  5. One flat shipping rate: $7.95/order
  6. Fast processing time (2-3 days)
  7. Choose from over 5000 designs to start
  8. Hi-resolution digital copy available for immediate download
  9. Free event website for RSVP responses and other event details
  10. 100% satisfaction guaranteed

  PurpleTrail Online Features

Thousands of Invitation Designs
You can create the perfect invitation for any event by using one of our professional designs, or create one of your own. All of our designs are fully customizable using the PurpleTrail design center. With the design center you can add text, your own images and thousands of design elements to make your invitation truly one of a kind and perfect for your event.
Ad Free Invitations
Unlike other services where you have to pay, all PurpleTrail invitations are ad free! There are no ads displayed to guests either in the email sent or on the event webpage. With PurpleTrail there will be no Weight Watchers ads next to your dinner invitations or alcohol ads on your daughter’s birthday party invitation!
Track Guest Responses
Your invitation on PurpleTrail lets you track guest invitations and their responses. Not only can you see RSVP responses of Yes, Maybe or No, but you can also track when the web page was last visited by a particular guest. As guests RSVP Yes for your event, they can even tell you how many people will be attending and leave the names of those people so you can know exactly who will be at your event.

Full Address Book
With the Address Book on PurpleTrail, you can easily import your contacts from your current addressbook with other services. It can even detect duplicate entries remove them for you. Our address book even allows for easy organizing of contacts into groups, which makes sending your invitations simple and fast.
Build Consensus & Decide on Time/Place
PurpleTrail makes it easy to gather guest input and decide on a time and place for your event. Say good-bye to the mess of group email chains! As a host you can give your guests time and/or place options to vote on, and then finalize on the one that works best. Once you make the decision, you can easily send them a message that the event has been set and they can visit the webpage to RSVP.
Complete Invitation Control
After your invitation has been created, you can easily make changes to any part of the webpage. For example, you can change the time or place of your event, change the invitation design, or even hide the guest list. All your invitation settings are accessible on a manage invitation page visible only to the hosts of the event.

Fully Customizable Event Webpage
The webpage for you invitation is fully customizable. Choose from numerous modules and select those that fit your event needs. Some module options to choose from include a map of your event location, bring along list, ticketing and photos.
Communicate with Guests
You can build excitement around your event by using the message board and adding event related photos and videos. As guests visit the event webpage they can leave public or private messages as well as see and share photos and videos. It is a great place to share with your guests both before and after the event.
Recurring Events
PurpleTrail makes it easy to create invitations for events that reoccur like meetings, clubs and classes. There are many options and you can specify when the invitations get sent out and make changes to the series of events at any time..
Post Your Invitation to Social Networks
Easily share your invitation with others by posting it to your favourite social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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How does the PurpleCoins program work?
How does it work?

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Purple Coins - PurpleTrail Loyalty Program
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