The Thanksgiving Kids Table

Happy Turkey Day! Photo courtesy of

Thanksgiving celebrations are fun and enjoyable events. Especially for children. Little kids will remember a fun holiday celebration for years to come! Help make Turkey Day extra special for the kiddies in your life with a state-of-the-art Thanksgiving kids table. A properly designed Thanksgiving … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas – Part Two

Gobble Gobble Turkey Thanksgiving Craft Invitation

Let  these tremendous Thanksgiving craft ideas set the tone of your turkey day table. While you're sending out Thanksgiving Day invitations, consider how these creative homemade Thanksgiving crafts could brighten up your holiday. Here, we present you with three wonderful holiday crafts for kids. … [Read more...]

Elegant Thanksgiving Centerpieces – Tips for making great seasonal centerpieces

Thanksgiving hollowed out pumpkin with flowers

Once you've invited your guests to join you for Thanksgiving and planned out the menu, it's time to think about decorating the table. There can be a lot going on at the Thanksgiving table between the conversation and all the delicious food. Adding in an elegant centerpiece is the cherry on top of … [Read more...]

Halloween to Thanksgiving: Fall Decorations

Its autumn and time for a series of holidays that will keep your family busy throughout the next few months. Halloween is on the horizon which will lead into Thanksgiving just four weeks later. What is wonderful about these holidays is they fall within the same season and use the same color scheme. … [Read more...]

Party Decorations – Holiday Decoration Inspiration

Party season is in full swing. The holidays are just around the corner and we've got the perfect decoration inspiration you need. As you get ready to send out your holiday party invitations, consider new ways to use party decorations. Mix and match new decorations with existing things in your home … [Read more...]