Paper, Wood, Silver – A Complete List of Traditional Anniversary Gift Themes

As you prepare to celebrate your wedding anniversary, consider following the traditional anniversary gift themes this year when you choose a present for your sweetie. You can always put a modern spin on tradition to make it fun and relevant to your relationship. Just what are the traditional anniversary gift themes that correspond to years of marriage, you might be wondering? Here’s a complete list of  anniversary gift themes by year. Read the list and get creative!

Anniversary Party Invitations

Anniversary Gift Theme

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Traditional Anniversary Gift Themes & Ideas

1st, Anniversary – Paper. Great paper gift ideas include; books, framed pictures, board games, a handwritten love letter or tickets to a show.

5th Anniversary Wood. Gift ideas; wooden frames, a tree, puzzles (for game lovers), furniture, wooden sculpture, wooden wine rack, or beautiful wooden salad bowls and serving utensils.

10th, Anniversay – Tin. Not instinctively the most romantic gift material but here are a few ideas:, gourmet coffee and teas in tins, silverware, a lovely piece of jewelry packaged in a decorative tin, personalized license plate, a watch, or sports equipment.

15th Anniversary -, Crystal. Gift ideas include: crystal frames, candle holders, clocks, a watch, jewelry box, champagne flutes. For a modern twist give things like a personalized wine glasses or opal jewelry.

20th, Anniversary China. The most obvious gift to give for this would be something they need to complete their set of china. But if the budget is large enough, why not plan a trip to China? It could be the perfect reason to plan that trip you’ve always wanted to take. For the more budget conscious, bring China to you. Get some take out from your favorite restaurant. Have fun with it! It doesn’t have to be formal or fancy, just thoughtful and fun.

25th Anniversary Silver. Beautiful silver jewelry, silver watches or vases are lovely anniversary gifts. Consider personalized silver photo frames or jewelery boxes too. If the pair are wine lovers, an elegant wine corkscrew is a great gift. A beautifully engraved keepsake silver platter is a beautiful traditional gift as well.

40th, Anniversary Ruby. Any kind of ruby jewelry is of course an elegant anniversary gift. 4o red roses or any red flower would be a beautiful gift as well. A high end red wine would also be a great gift for wine lovers. A trip to Thailand (were the majority of rubies are mined) or a trip to Washington D.C. to see the world’s largest ruby on display at the Smithsonian, would be fun ways to incorporated the ruby theme into this special anniversary.

50th, Anniversary – Gold. Spending half a century with the same person is a wonderful milestone. Consider framing their wedding invitation in a beautiful gold frame or engraving a portion of their vows onto a golden plate or platter. At this point the couple may not want to add to their collection of jewelry. Heartfelt gifts that celebrate their union may be more appreciated. Consider putting some music that was played at their wedding on a “golden” CD. Or create a gold memory book with pictures and quotes from their family and friends.

60th and 75th Anniversary Diamond.The diamond is so significant. By this milestone, the couple may be fairly elderly so a beautiful party planned with thoughtful collages of pictures and memorabilia, might mean more to them than gifts of jewelry. Consider having a star named after them so that their love can be see twinkling like a diamond above them forever.

For a great collection of ideas for throwing a memorable anniversary party, check out this site. Congratulations on your lasting love!


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