Inexpensive Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Wedding anniversaries are cause for celebration! A reminder for the reason you said,”I Do”, here are some ideas to help make your anniversary memorable without breaking the budget. Set the tone for your anniversary celebration with beautiful anniversary party invitations. Then find inspiration in our inexpensive wedding anniversary ideas to celebrate.

inexpensive wedding anniversary ideas

Wedding anniversary announcement by PurpleTrail.

Wedding Anniversary Invitations

Begin planning for your anniversary with wedding anniversary invitations. You can find a great selection of invitations on PurpleTrail has a number of card designs, styles, and customization options at very affordable prices.

Their website’s customization software gives users the freedom to create totally unique and custom card designs. You can upload a favorite photo of you and your better half, or add a nice photo from your wedding.

You also have an option to add custom wording to your invite. Adding custom wording to your invitations will make your invite feel warm and welcoming. For great anniversary wording ideas, take a look at our Anniversary Invitation Wording article.

Have fun selecting the perfect invitation for you and your loved one’s special day! Read on for more inexpensive wedding anniversary ideas.

Inexpensive Wedding Anniversary Ideas

There are a ton of great affordable and entertaining activities you can do on your wedding anniversary. Make sure to pick something that matches your love’s interests and personality. Also, try to find an activity you both enjoy. Decide carefully! The right wedding anniversary date should be well planned and filled with meaning.

Use this list of ideas to get your date planing started. Whether your lover is interested in nature, exhibitions, or traveling, this list will have a fun activity you can do on your special day. These thrifty, romantic activities will be just as memorable, if not more, as dining at a costly restaurant.

inexpensive anniversary ideas

A couple on Kuta Beach, in Bali, at sunset. Photo courtesy of Jimmy McIntyre.

  • Take advantage of nature’s natural beauty and catch the sunset with your better half. Find a romantic spot in the park or at the beach and watch the sunset together.
  • Go horseback riding. Horseback riding is very fun and romantic. A great anniversary choice for an adventurous couple.
  • Plan a picnic in the park… or in the living room. Pick some of each person’s favorite foods to dine on.
  • Visit a museum and go to a concert.
  • Take in a romantic view from a skyscraper or mountaintop.
  • Go on an adventurous day trip, or do something that neither of you would do alone: hiking, river rafting, or kayaking. Bring a picnic meal along for later.
  • For service oriented couples, volunteer at a park clean-up or shelter by day, then treat yourselves to a nice dinner.
  • Go dancing. Many places will offer a lesson first (like salsa themed clubs) so you can practice your moves before you hit the floor.
  • Rent your favorite movies and hold an all-night video-a-thon. Try adding your wedding video to the list of must-sees.
inexpensive wedding anniversary ideas

Couple at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Photo courtesy of Santos Gonzalez via Flickr.

  • Breakfast in bed. A surefire way to start of the day together. Try these delicious breakfast recipes.
  • Go bowling. This may sound silly but it is a fun way to spend some time together and get in a few laughs when someone gets a gutter-ball.
  • Write a personalized note or gift expressing your love and thankfulness for your significant other. Share these over a romantic meal.
  • Re-create your first date. End the night with a heartfelt expression of how glad you are to be enjoying life together.
  • Go to the movies. If you have kids, this is a treat. Schedule a sitter or see if the in-laws can take the kids overnight for some quality time with your spouse.
  • Go to a wine tasting. Some local wineries have free wine tastings. Select your favorite vintage to take home and enjoy later!
  • Head to the nearest park or waterfront and take a long stroll. Find a local bakery along the way and enjoy a sweet dessert!
  • Shop for and cook dinner together. Check out our Easy, Elegant Anniversary Dinner Ideas
inexpensive wedding anniversary ideas

Wedding anniversary invite by PurpleTrail.

  • Here are some inexpensive wedding anniversary ideas for all the musical couples out there. Try singing a love song together at your favorite karaoke place. Write each other a love song and play it in a romantic setting. Give your better half a used instrument as a present.
  • Throw an anniversary party. The party can be BYOB. You can also have your friends and family members bring a dish to pass.
  • Create DIY wedding anniversary invitations with your better half. You can create invitations out of nearly anything. This is one of the most fun, practical, and inexpensive wedding anniversary ideas. Find a DIY invitation project online and get crafting.
  • Create a scrapbook with your husband or wife. Include all of your favorite photos and inscribe it with your most treasured memories. Add other mementos, like ticket stubs from movies you’ve seen together, or plain tickets from trips you’ve taken with each other. This will make such a sweet keepsake you both can return to in the future.
  • Try going out to a poetry reading. You can either sit and listen or recite a poem in honor of your better half.
  • If it’s summer or spring, go outside and cut your loved one a bouquet of fresh flowers.
  • Pack a picnic lunch and take your loved one fishing.

Along with having fun with these inexpensive wedding anniversary ideas, remember to tell the one you love, how much you love them. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind. Take a moment to appreciate what you have and celebrate life to the fullest.

We hope you enjoyed our inexpensive wedding anniversary ideas and tips!

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