Great Couples Party Games For Adults

Planning to throw a milestone party, co-ed shower, or any other kind of adult party? Here are some great couple party game ideas. Set the tone with stunning personalized party invitaitons. Then take a peek at these great couples party game ideas. They will keep your guests engaged and will leave an everlasting impression.

couples party game

How much do you know your Sweetheart?

A classic couples party game. This game is fun, simple, and entertaining. Hand out two sheets of paper to each of your guests. Then ask them to write 5 things they like on one sheet of paper, and 5 things their partner likes on the other sheet of paper. The list could include anything from food and travel to books and movies. The couple who gets the highest number of matches wins the game. Your guests will love this couples party game. This game is also nice, because everyone will get to know each other better.

Couples Party Game – A Ring of Fun

For this game take a bowl filled with milk or some dark liquid and throw a few rings in it. Now ask a couple to take off their rings and throw them in the bowl with the other rings. Then they have to put their hands in, feel the ring of their partner, and without seeing take it out. Both of them go together and are allowed to take their hands out only once. Time the contestants and the couple who finds the right rings in the shortest time, is declared the winner.

The Tattoo Painting – Couples Party Game

You can ask your guests to make a nice tattoo on their partner’s arm. For this you will need to prepare some body paints, face paints, or body markers to decorate with. You will also need to have some towels or washcloths on hand for any cleanup. After all the guests have made their tattoos, have everyone admire each others tattoo and vote for their favorite. The couple with the highest voted tattoo wins the game. A great couples party game! So creative and fun!

Purple and Pink Bubbles Dinner Party Invite couples party game

Dedicate a romantic song to your sweetheart

Ask your guests to sing a romantic song for their sweetheart. This will make your guests feel involved and it will keep everyone entertained. You can pick 3 to 4 individuals as judges, and ask them to rate the competitors. The judges can rate the contestants on their enthusiasm, the song that they choose, and how well it is presented. The couple who gets the highest rating wins the competition.

Make a Love Poem

This is a great game to play with the couples at your party. Start by getting some index cards and one each one write romantic words like hearts, lips, candlelight etc. On the other set of cards write some non romantic words like ironing board, wallpaper paste, nose hair, motor oil etc. Then ask the couple to draw one card each from the set of romantic index card and non romantic index card. Then ask the couples to come up with an interesting love poem. Like “Roses are red, they make me hot! Your eyes are sexy, your nose hairs are not!”. The couple who comes up with the most romantic poem turns out to be the winner.

Couples Charades and Pictionary

Charades is fun and simple. All you need for this classic game is pen, paper, and an imagination. Make it girls vs boys or have couples team up and vs each other. You can’t go wrong with this fun and affordable couples game. You can add props, prizes, and drinks to make things more interesting. Check out for more ideas and information.

Pictionary is another inexpensive and simple game for couples. Same as Charades, all you need for this game is pen, paper, imagination, and a timer. If you’ed like to make it more romantic try choosing category themes, like romantic people, places, and things. A fun and classic couples party game your guests will surely love!

Tasty Whip Cream Party Game

Whip cream, plastic spoons, and blind folds make this game delicious  fun, and unique. To play this game, one of the couple members will have to be blind folded. After one member is blindfolded, they will try their best to neatly apply the whip cream to their better half’s face. Then, still while they’re blind folded, they will take the plastic spoon and try to “shave” or remove the whip cream from their partners face. You should set a one minute time limit to make things interesting. Prizes can be given away based on the categories- Funniest shave, Best shave, Worst shave, etc. Have fun with this game! Remember to prepare towels, because this game tends to get messy!

Have Fun Celebrating!

Have a spectacular party! Hope this list gave you some inspiration for your upcoming celebration. Remember to be creative and enjoy the planning experience. You guests will love your party if you put a lot of creative energy and effort into it. We would love to hear from you. If you have more party ideas, please send them to us at


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