Make Your Own Easter Baskets

Tired of the snow, ice, and cold weather? It wont take long for the tulips, daffodils and crocuses to peak out of the ground. Easter is just around the corner and the Easter basket treasure hunt is a cherished holiday tradition for all. Impress your friends and family with unique DIY Easter basket ideas. Read on to find out how to create beautiful DIY Easter baskets for your special spring holiday.

Easter basket ideas

Easter card by PurpleTrail.

Easter Basket Ideas

Traditionally, Easter baskets are made of wicker, have a handle and are filled with brightly colored cellophane. The same wicker basket year after year with the same candies does tend to get a little boring. Besides, we could do without that overdose of sugar. Try these different ideas this year and watch your child’s face light up!

Paper Plate Easter Baskets

These paper plate baskets are very easy to make and only take a little time. You can make a cute Easter basket by taking a paper plate and fold the paper plate in half and staple along the rounded edge of the folded plate. Leave about 4-inches along the top open to fill. Then take a bright color ribbon and staple it at the edge of the opening to make the handle. From card-stock or construction paper make the ears and glue them on. Draw the eyes with a marker or glue on eyes available in craft stores. Add some cotton for a bushy tail and black wool thread for whiskers, and you have a cute bunny basket all ready for treats for the little one. Check out one more Easter basket ideas via Paper Easter Basket.

Spring Easter Basket

 This spring Easter basket idea is an impressive way to keep the Easter basket tradition rolling. You can make these baskets by using wheat grass in your Easter baskets or in your spring decorations. Plan on planting it this weekend or early next week so it will be lush and tall and super green for the big day. Then you can add eggs, cookies, candies and nice personalized gifts to it. Click here for more Easter basket ideas.

Laundry Easter basket

Small laundry baskets make the perfect Easter basket for boys and girls. Whatever shape it may be, from round to square to rectangular, these work great. The baskets can be painted with a paint marker in Easter colors. You can also use glittery Easter stickers to decorate. Then add all the Basket fillings inside. Once the basket is empty, the kids can use it as a laundry hamper or a place to hold their toys. This is definitely one of the more practical Easter basket ideas!

Easter basket ideas

Easter card by PurpleTrail.

Plastic Wagon Toy Easter baskets

You can find Plastic wagon toys in the toy department. The benefit of making these wagon Easter basket is, they are not usually costly and can hold loads of goodies. You can stuff in coloring books, an Easter bunny, chocolates, candies..etc. When the goodies are gone, the child can cart his/her toys around in the wagon.

Easter Gardening Baskets

Another great idea is to make a gardening theme Easter basket. You can make these baskets one per family. Take a flower pot and fill it with packets of seeds, potting soil, drainage rocks, gardening gloves and instructions for planting spring flowers. You can also include gloves, sun hats for the babies etc. if the family has kids. This is one of the cutest Easter basket ideas I’ve seen yet!

Make – Up Easter Baskets

To impress the girls at your party, try making cute make-up Easter baskets. You can take a nice hat and staple pink ribbons to its sides to make it a basket handle. Then add a make-up container filled with sample-sized cosmetics or other make-up items. You could also include a personal popcorn bowl with packets of gourmet popcorn or a new purse with a little cash inside. For more girly Easter basket ideas, take a look at

Make a Family Easter Baskets

Make an Easter basket with a little something for everyone in the family. Like special flavors of popcorn for the adults and little trinkets for the children. You could gift them to friends and neighbors, or use them as favors for your Easter Party. This is one of the most affordable Easter basket ideas!

Easter basket ideas

Easter card by PurpleTrail.

Making an Easter Basket with a Traditional Taste

Why not give your kids an Easter basket with a customary touch. Take a wicker basket and then decorate it with ribbons. You can take nice pink and blue color ribbons and weave them onto the basket. Cover the basket’s handle with the ribbon, and you could also attach a bow to both the sides of the handle. Then add some artificial green grass and chicks to it. Place some meaningful things inside the basket like a small photo frame, special candy, etc. Place a card in the basket wishing a Happy Easter and mention the meaning of the things you have placed in the basket.

Other items that work as great Easter baskets

  • A cute straw hat
  • Pail for the sandbox
  • Bowl wrapped in tissue paper
  • Helmet for your little skate boarder or bike rider
  • Easter bonnets turned upside down

Things you can include in the Easter basket

  • Soft toy – Fluffy bunny with long years, or a cute yellow chick
  • Boxed Easter eggs or chocolate cream eggs
  • Building blocks wrapped together in a plastic bag
  • Sweet smelling lotion or soap
  • Easter books, coloring books or a bible are also a nice touch
  • Small outdoor toys
  • Playing cards, or small games like Uno
  • Stickers
  • Flashlight
  • Clothes – socks or a t-shirt rolled up
  • Art supplies – crayons, markers, glue sticks or glitter glue
  • Toothbrushes – add a fun Crest Spin Brush and some childrens toothpaste
  • Plastic eggs filled with jelly beans or small plastic toys, such as fake bugs or tiny dinosaurs.
  • Homemade candy and treats, such as homemade frosted Easter cookies individually wrapped.
  • Rice crispy treats or popcorn balls colored with pastel food coloring and shaped like eggs
  • Fancy shoelaces
  • Drinks – Small bottle of mineral water or box of juice
  • Snacks – Popcorn or crackers
  • Remember that adolescents and teenagers might appreciate easter baskets with little cash inside.

Happy Easter!

Have fun with your family this Easter creating one these unique Easter basket ideas! Your kids will love helping you create these special baskets. You and your kids can even use these suggestions to create Easter gift baskets for your friends and family. Remember to be creative and enjoy the crafting experience.