Easter Egg Decorating Tips for Dyeing

The Easter holiday is a fun time of year. It signifies spring and new beginnings. As part of your Easter celebration, if you are planning on dying Easter eggs, we have some Easter egg decorating tips and ideas for you. And why not turn the egg decorating into a party! Gather up everyone with beautiful Easter party invitations to set the tone of your egg-cellent celebration, and take a peek at our great Easter egg decorating tips for creative inspiration.

Cute Easter Egg Hunt Invite

Cute Easter egg hunt invite by PurpleTrail.


Decide What Type Of Eggs You will Use

When decorating eggs, you can use hard-boiled eggs or empty egg-shells. Using empty egg-shells takes much more work, but the eggs can be kept indefinitely. If you use hard boiled eggs, you will need to keep them refrigerated. They’re not safe to eat after they have been out of the refrigerator for two hours. However, if you are not planning on eating them, they can be kept at room temperature for decor purposes for a few days and then they must be discarded. If you choose this option, be sure everyone around knows that they are not safe for eating!

Using Empty Eggs Shells

  • If you want to decorate empty eggs shells, watch this great how to video that explains how to easily empty the egg out of the shell.
  • Empty egg shells by themselves are light-weight and fragile. You can strengthen them further by putting on layers of newspaper covered with layers of paper towels . Use white glue, homemade flour-and-water paste or wallpaper paste to apply the paper to the egg-shell, just like when you’re making papier mache.
  • Before decorating the egg shells, you can cover the holes in the ends with melted wax or with tissue paper and glue.
  • If the decorated egg turns out to be a masterpiece and you want to preserve it for a long time, evenly coat the egg with thinned white glue, clear nail polish, or spray shellac.
  • For hanging the egg shells for displaying, you can run a loop of ribbon, yarn, string or wire through the holes. Tie the end to make a hanger for your decorated egg.
  • Make a stand for your decorated eggs out of a small bottle cap, an empty film canister or a section of a cardboard tube. Hope these Easter egg decorating tips are were helpful!

Tip: If you have any broken eggs , don’t throw them away! You can glue a fuzzy chick figurine inside and make a cute display piece by itself  or placed with other Easter ornaments.

easter egg decorating tips

Happy Easter card by PurpleTrail.

Using Hard-Boiled Eggs

  • Refrigerate the eggs whenever you’re not working with them.
  • Make sure the eggs you color aren’t cracked. If any crack during cooking, dyeing or decorating, throw them away. Also throw away any eggs that have been out of the refrigerator for more than 2 hours (they are not longer safe to eat).
  • For dyeing the eggs you can use artificial egg dyes or natural ingredients like turmeric, coffee, and other day to day items from the kitchen. If you want to try dying your eggs the natural way, there are lots of great ways to accomplish this. If you use artificial coloring, go for specially-made, food-grade egg dyes.
  • For dyeing you can hard-boil the eggs in the water with the dye, which gives you a less consistent color. It’s great if you like the variegated look.
  • For a more consistent color cook the eggs separately and let them sit in the dye solution. The longer the eggs sit in the dye, the darker the color.
  • Place shaped stickers, like flowers, hearts, bugs or other shapes, on eggs before dyeing.
  • Draw on eggs with a clear wax “magic crayon” found in many decorating kits or use an ordinary white crayon. The wax protects the egg from the dye. After the dye has dried, wash the egg with hot water to remove the wax and try dipping into another color for a cool tie-dyed effect. If you plan to eat the Easter eggs, be sure the label says nontoxic on any crayons, pens, paints or other art materials you use. Or, use edible decorations like herbs.
  • Wrap a few rubber bands around an egg before dipping it into the dye. After the egg dries, remove the bands, revealing white stripes. Try placing the rubber bands in different places and using another color for a striped rainbow effect!
  • Add sequins or sparkles to eggs while the dye is still wet to make an egg fancy enough for the diva in every family.
easter egg decorating tips

Easter eggs. Photo courtesy of Brit.co.

Unique Easter Egg Decorating Tips

  • Try covering your eggs with tacky glue and dipping them into colorful sprinkles. This creates a beautiful colorful coating that is full of texture!
  • Decorate your eggs with paper, googly eyes, feathers, or any other craft material you can think of. You can really have fun with this and use your creativity.
  • Wrap an egg in old tie and boil it. The colors and pattern on the tie will transfer to your egg!
  • Use masking tape to spell out letters on your eggs. Then, die your eggs and remove the tape. Your eggs will have a silhouette of the letter you made with the tape. How fun! Now, you can create sweet Easter messages with your eggs!
  • Wrap an egg in lace and dip it into die. After the coloring dries, remove the lace. Your eggs will have dainty lace designs on them. So pretty!
  • This is one of my favorite Easter egg decorating tips. Cover your egg with tacky glue and dip it into colorful glitter. You can use gold glitter to create golden eggs. Give these shiny eggs away as gifts or use them to decorate your kids’ Easter baskets. They will love it!
  • Use Sharpies to decorate your eggs.

Have an Egg-citing Easter

Happy Easter! We hope you and your family have a wonderful time dyeing eggs to help you celebrate the season. If you have any great Easter egg decorating tips, share them with us! Email us at partyexperts@purpletrail.com or share on our facebook page: www.facebook.com/purpletrailfans. Happy eggs-ploring and eggs-perimenting!