Create Your Own Spring Easter Wreath

Welcome guests to your Easter celebration with beautiful Easter party invitations and a lovely Easter wreath on your front door. Wreaths, add a festive touch to any decor, and the best part is that you can make specific ones for any occasion. We’ve put together some great tips to help you, create, sensational, Easter wreaths.

The first step in creating any wreath is to determine what type of material and theme you would like to use. You may want a sprig like wreath that is composed of natural vine materials, such as Grapevine or Willow. Or you can purchase a foam wreath, straw wreath, or even use a wire (such as a coat hanger wire) as the basis for your wreath frame. For the decorations you can use a host of materials that are available in your immediate environment or easily purchase available items at craft stores.

To make an Easter wreath, you could include some of the following items:

  • Pastel colored ribbons
  • Small stuffed animals (bunnies, chicks, etc.)
  • Grass used for Easter baskets
  • Plastic Easter eggs (the type used for filling with candy)
  • Artificial flowers: Lilies, Baby’s Breath

Since Easter also marks the start of the Spring season, we recommend using spring colors to decorate your Easter wreath. It will look great hanging well after Easter is over, or also could double up as an attractive centerpiece with lighted candles in the center of the wreath for evening entertaining. Below is an idea that we found for a perfect Easter wreath to make on a quiet afternoon.

Spring Colors Easter Wreath: This will definitely fit the bill of celebrating the beginning of spring with pastel colors, as well as the Easter holiday.

Time: 1 hour

  • 12″ grapevine wreath – 1
  • pastel colored lei – 1
  • blue speckled eggs – 4 – 5/8″
  • yellow speckled eggs – 4 – 5/8″
  • pink speckled eggs – 4- 5/8″
  • ,” white lace ribbon – 1 piece- 30″ long
  • ,” pink satin ribbon -1 piece – 30″ long
  • white craft glue
  • silver glitter hot glue stick- 1 stick

Easter Wreath

Directions To Make The Easter Wreath:

Step 1: First cut 30″ length of satin and lace ribbons.

Step 2: Line up 2 pieces of ribbon with the satin ribbon centered on the top of the lace ribbon.

Step 3: Take white glue in a yogurt cup and apply glue on one side of the satin ribbon that will be touching the top of the piece of lace ribbon. Center and press the ribbon back in place. Continue gluing the satin ribbon to the lace ribbon until the two pieces are glued together for the entire length of both pieces. Let the glue dry completely so the two pieces of ribbon won’t separate.

Step 4: Take apart the pastel colored lei so all the flowers are removed from the cord.

Step 5: Pair up four sets each of the pink, the yellow and the blue.

Step 6: Arrange one flower pair so the petals of the top flower cover the separation between the petals of the flower underneath it. Repeat for the rest of the flower pairs.

Step 7: Arrange the pairs of flowers around the wreath with ,” between each pair. Lift the pairs up one at a time, squeeze a drop of hot glue on the wreath underneath and press the flowers by the center back down into the glue carefully. You need to be careful because glue may come up through the hole in the center of the flowers. If enough glue does not come up to glue the two flowers together, lift up the top flower, squeeze a drop of glue in the center and press the flower down into the glue. Glue all the flowers together except for one of the pink ones. Set the second pink flower from one of the pairs aside for later. Make sure the petals of the top flower are covering the separation between the petals of the flower underneath it. Adjust them if necessary before the glue hardens completely.

Step 8: Place an Easter egg in the center of each of the flowers except for the one pink flower you set aside earlier. The color of the Easter egg should correspond with the color of the flowers. Reserve one pink egg for later. Lift up the eggs one at a time, squeeze a small amount of hot glue on the bottom of the egg and press it back down into the center of the flower. Hold the egg in place briefly until the glue has hardened up a bit and the egg can stand up straight on its own. I used a silver glitter glue stick so it didn’t matter if it showed underneath the egg because the glitter makes the flower look a bit extra special.

Step 9: When the glue holding the two pieces of ribbon together has dried completely, tie a bow in the ribbon. The ribbon will be slightly stiff but manageable. Make sure the satin side is facing up on both sides of the ends of the ribbon hanging down. Turn the one side around if necessary after you have tied the bow.

Step 10: Arrange the wreath so the solitary pink flower is at the top. Place the knot of the bow in the center of the flower. When you are satisfied with the arrangement, lift up the flower, squeeze a generous amount of hot glue underneath and press the knot of the bow into the hot glue. Hold the bow in place briefly until secure. Place the remaining pink flower on top of the bow, with the center of the flower on top of the knot of the bow. Lift up the flower, squeeze a small amount of hot glue on the knot and press the flower back down to the bow. Make sure the petals of the top flower overlap the bottom flower in the same way you did the rest of the pairs of flowers on the wreath. Squeeze some hot glue on the bottom of the remaining pink Easter egg and press it to the center of the flower, holding it in place until the glue has hardened slightly so it will stand up straight.

Tips to remember when gluing the ribbon together:

  • Make sure the satin ribbon stays centered on the lace ribbon for the entire length of both pieces as well as letting the ribbon dry flat on your work surface.
  • You might want to lay down something plastic like a place mat underneath the ribbon so the glue can be cleaned up easily.
  • Don’t us newspaper underneath because it will end up sticking to your ribbon when the glue has dried.

For more ideas on creating an Easter Wreath with flowers Check out the Homemade Floral Wreath video.

Have fun making your Easter wreath!

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