I’m Bored! Summer Boredom Cure Kids Crafts

As summer makes approaches, you’ll want to load up on great summertime crafts for the kids to do so you don’t have to hear, “I’m bored!” for weeks on end. Our party experts have founds some great summer boredom cure kids crafts, that should keep them busy for at least a little while! They are perfect for impromptu summer invites for playdates too!

beanbag-ballsBean Bag Balls

These are perfect for little ones who want to learn how to juggle. They are also great just to toss around out side or play hot potato with. You need some balloons, a funnel and some dried lentils to create this craft. It’s easy and the kids will love it!

garden-sundialGarden Sundial

This is a great craft for older kids to put together. You’ll need some Fimo clay, a chopstick, a terra cotta plant saucer, a protractor and compass, and some enamel paint and brushes. Once you create this garden sundial, you can use it all summer long!

puppet-stagePuppet Stage

This is a great craft to build for those days you’ll be spending inside this summer. Plus, it gets kids to use their imagination! This particular craft is one that you’ll keep for a while as it is constructed with ply wood and hinges. An adult will be needed to help cut the wood for the stage.

0506_swirly_stonesSwirly Stones

This is a really fun one for the kids. It does require the use of an oven, so adult supervision is required. All the kids need to do is find some great flat rocks, wrap them in foil and heat them in the oven and then some old crayons. Once the rocks have heated in the oven for about 15 minutes, the crayons will melt onto the heated rocks creating beautiful swirls of color. Kids can put them in the garden or on their desk and enjoy them all summer long.

0407_guidetoyourhometown02Hometown Guide

A perfect summer boredom buster. Have the kids create a scrapbook guide to your town. Ask them to make a list of their favorite places like restaurants, parks, shops etc. in your town. They’ll need a three ringed binder, some sheet protectors and lots of scrapbooking supplies like cardstock, stickers and other embellishments. Then work on collecting photos, menus or pamphlets from your favorite hometown places. At the end of this project you’ll have a wonderful keepsake guide to your hometown, or a great gift for visiting relatives!

We hope you feel inspired to do some of these fun summer crafts. They should keep the kids busy for at least a few days! Check out more of PurpleTrail’s kid’s craft ideas.

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