Planning a party comes with a lot of little details to manage. One of the most important details is crafting party invitations. When creating the perfect invitation, it can be a challenge to come up with the best invitation wording. We’ve got plenty of suggestions to help make your party invitations great, whether you’re creating custom baby shower invitations or personalized birthday invitations.  All you have to do is decide the style of wording that will work best for you.

Chalkboard Baby Love invitation by PurpleTrail.

Whether you are looking for formal, informal, funny, or serious wording ideas, our party experts want to help you create the best invitation wording for your event. When choosing your wording style, consider who is on the guest list, where the event will be held and what time of day the party will be.  If you are inviting a list of people you don’t know very well, a more formal approach is appropriate. For more intimate gatherings with those people you are closer too, funny or informal wording may be more fitting to achieve the desired tone of your invitation.

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We’ve put together some invitation wording ideas for a few of the most popular reasons we all celebrate. Find the invitation type you are looking for on the list below to get started on your journey to beautiful, creative party invitations. Click on the category name to be directed to our wording inspiration page:

Look to these examples as a great starting point. Don’t be afraid to put your own spin on any of these ideas and make one your own. Your party invitations are the first glimpse guests have into the party. Take this opportunity to create not only beautifully designed invitations but deftly worded invitations as well.

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