Free Printable Game – Valentine’s Day Trivia

Create amazing Valentine’s Day cards to send and then see how much the kids know about all things Valentine’s Day. Play this free printable game of Valentine’s Day trivia and crown the king or queen of love. Simply copy and paste the questions and answer selections into a Word document, add in some free clipart, create and answer key (provided below), and print as many copies as you’ll need. Good luck!

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Valentine’s Day Trivia

1. Who are Shakesphere’s “Star-crossed Lovers”? _______
2. Which Patron Saint is Valentines named after? _______
3. What fruit is also known as the “love apple”? _______
4. What is the winged child shooting arrows at unsuspecting Valentines called? _______
5. Which bird symbolizes Valentine’s Day? _______
6. Who “kissed the girls and made them cry”? _______
7. What do you need to kiss to turn it into a Prince? _______
8. Who was “Victorian Lace” named after? _______
9. Where do you “wear your heart” if you are quick to show your feelings? _______
10. The Goddess of Love in Greek Mythology _______
11. The O in XOXOXOX means what? _______
12. Favorite color featured on Valentine’s Day _______
13. What does the word Valentine mean? _______
14. What color rose would you give to a friend? _______
15. Something you keep flowers in _______
16. A novel dealing with love _______
17. What is the most common shape associated with Valentine’s Day? _______
18. What is the “official” date of Valentine’s Day? _______
19. You might write this to your sweetheart _______
20. A dozen red ones of these says “I Love You” _______

Valentine’s Day Trivia Answer Selections

A. Romance
B. Sweetheart
C. Red
D. Roses
E. Hugs
F. Heart
G. Frog
H. Yellow
I. February 14
J. Sleeve
K. Dove
L. Aphrodite
M. Georgie Porgie
N. Queen Victoria
O. Vase
P. Cupid
Q. Tomato
R. Love Letter
S. Saint Valentines
T. Romeo & Juliet

Answer Key

1. T – Romeo & Juliet
2. S – Saint Valentines
3. Q – Tomato
4. P – Cupid
5. K – Dove
6. M – Georgie Porgie
7. G – Frog
8. N – Queen Victoria
9. J – Sleeve
10. L – Aphrodite
11. E – Hugs
12. C – Red
13. B – Sweetheart
14. H – Yellow
15. O – Vase
16. A – Romance
17. F – Heart
18. I – February 14
19. R – Love Letter
20. D – Roses

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