Kids St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

Set the tone of your St. Patrick’s Day party with lucky St. Patrick’s Day cards. St. Patrick’s Day is a fun way to celebrate the Luck o’ the Irish with your friends and family. Gather the wee lads and lasses and celebrate this day in perfect Irish style. This spring time party is a great way to teach your kids the customary importance of this Day. Plan an awesome celebration with our creative kids St. Patrick’s Day party ideas for games, crafts, food and more!

Kids St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

Kids St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day Party Invitations

Whether you want to hand make invitations or personalize one of our St. Partick’s Day card designs, here’s some ideas to get you started. This list has a little somthing for everyone! Have fun soaking in these great kids St. Patrick’s Day party ideas.

  • You can send out handmade Shamrock invitations that are very easy to create. All you need to do is cut out white card stock and fold it to make the card. To decorate the front, use green construction paper and cut out three green hearts to make Shamrock leaves and a long green stem. Glue these to the outside of the white card stock to make a Shamrock and decorate it with green glitter glue. Then write all the party details inside the invitation card and send them to the invitees.
  • For sending out invitations you can also use mini lucky charm cereal boxes. These boxes are easy to find and are loved by kids. Inside the box put a printed invitation card with all the event details like place, time and RSVP information. Then put the box in a green envelope and glue a gold wrapped chocolate coin in the front of the invitations. Then you can hand deliver or mail these invitations to your guests.
  • Another simple and convenient way to invite your guests is to print invites or send online invitations. You can even involve your child in customizing these party invites. The PurpleTrail Design Center tools make it easy to customize any of our St. Patrick’s Day designs or create your, own. Name the event, something catchy to intrigue the kids like, “Luck o’ the Irish, you will find your Leprechaun here!”. In the description of the event, you can write something like “You’re invited to a wee bit ‘o fun at my house. There will be no snakes to follow. Don’t forget to wear your green and be at the party scene.” Encourage guests to dress in their best St. Patty’s day attire. The sillier the better!

St. Patrick’s Party Decorations

Here are some party space decoration tips to help you get started thinking the Irish way. You and your family will love these kids St. Patrick’s Day party ideas!

  • Decorate the table with a green table cloth and green napkins. Try to use some green bowls, plates and silverware as well. Scatter a few shamrocks, green sequins and curling green ribbons on the tables. You can also use gold wrapped chocolates to give a perfect Patrick’s Day look.
  • Use some of the green plants in the garden. Tie a green ribbon with a bow around terra cotta pots with plants. Then decorate these plants with some Christmas green lights (battery operated) and place them down the center of your table.
  • Hang some shamrocks and four leaf clovers from the ceiling and in doorways. Buy some green and gold balloons, streamers and Irish flags and hang them all over the party space.
  • At the entrance of the door you can keep a large rock or brick and mark a label on it which says “BLARNEY STONE – KISS FOR GOOD LUCK”. Ask all your guests to kiss this stone as they enter, the way it is done in Ireland. The traditional belief is that who so ever kisses this stone will be given the gift of gab, or great eloquence in speaking.
  • Play some traditional Irish music during your party. You can find a lot of Irish music CDs readily available online or in book and music stores.
Kids St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

Happy St. Patrick’s day card by PurpleTrail.

St. Patrick’s Day Party Games

  • Active Relay Race: This is a fun game to entertain your guests. For this game you will need some potatoes and a few tablespoons. Give each of the guests a tablespoon and potato and ask them to carry it across the room to the other end and bring it back to the place they started. The participant who brings the potato across the finish line fastest without dropping it is the winner.
  • Leprechauns Gold Play: It is a traditional belief that the leprechaun will give you a gold bag if you ask him for it. To start the game, have all the children stand in a circle and one child becomes “Paddy” and stands in the middle of the circle. While music plays, those children standing in the circle pass a bag of “gold coins” behind their backs. When the music stops, “Paddy” points to the child who he/she believes has the bag and demands the gold. If he/she is correct and picks the correct person, then “Paddy” and the other child switch places and the game continues. If he/she is incorrect, then they have to remain in the middle as “Paddy” and try again.
  • Musical Shamrocks: This is a nice game that will bring out the competitive side of your guests! Before the party cut large green shamrocks and stick them to the floor with tape, one for each person. Then ask your guests to make a circle and keep moving as the music plays. As soon as the music stops they are suppose to stand on a shamrock or they are out. Remove one shamrock after each musical round. The person who gets the last remaining Shamrock in the end is the winner.
  • The Talent Quest Game: This is a nice brain teaser game to play with children and their parents at the party. This talent quest is based on questions about Ireland and Irish history. Before the party make a list of questions like: What effect does kissing the Blarney Stone have? Why are there no snakes in Ireland anymore? What do you use a Shillelagh for? etc. Have the questions printed so you can give a list to each guest or “team”. Give the guests 10 minutes to answer as many questions as they can. The child or team that is able to answer the most questions wins the game. Your friends and family will love participating in these great kids St. Patrick’s Day party Ideas.
Kids St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day card by PurpleTrail.

St. Patrick’s Day Party Food for Little Leprechauns

Let all the food and drinks on St. Patrick’s Day go green. Salads, green vegetables, clover shaped sandwiches, cake with green icing, peppermint ice cream, or shamrock shaped cookies should work just fine. You can decide the party menu and then see how many of the food items can be colored green or shaped to fit the party theme.

A great idea for “little leprechaun drinks” is to serve Lucky Lime drinks. You can make this drink by putting two small scoops of lime sherbet in a clear glass beer mug. Then pour 7up over the sherbet and add a dollop of whipped cream and some green sugar sprinkles. Further decorate the drink with a green maraschino cherry.

St. Patrick’s Day Party Favors

Kids love to take home party favors, and they can really make your party memorable. One idea is to send kids home with tiny terra cotta pots that have growing shamrocks in them. To decorate the pots you can add some green ribbon and glitter glue. You can even let the children decorate their own pot at the party. That would be a great craft for them to do!

Another idea is to send the children home with lucky green carnations. If you are unable to get green carnations, you can make white carnations green with a little preparation. All you have to do is put white carnations in water with several drops of green food coloring added. Leave the flowers in the water for a day or two before the party, and they will become green. Be sure to trim the flowers before this process so they drink up a good amount of water. To prepare the flowers as favors you can tie printouts of some Irish blessings to each of the carnations. Your guest will love the lucky message they got at the St. Patrick’s day party.

May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow, and may trouble avoid you wherever you go! We hope these kids St. Patrick’s ideas are a blast at your celebration!