Diwali Food Traditions

Get to know Diwali food traditions for your festive Diwali party from PurpleTrail! India is a land of year-round colorful festivals; but Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, is the most vibrant, fun and glamorous of them all. Celebrate and send festive Diwali invitations and Diwali greeting cards. The festival is synonymous with long, sumptuous, elaborate feasts, the preparations for which begin several days in advance. No expense is spared, and everybody buys the best ingredients that they can afford. Traditionally women would get together and spend several days preparing sweets, snacks and savories. Although this still occurs, it is also becoming more common to buy some items from specialty shops.

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Indian sweets, known as ‘mithai’, are made with combinations of semolina, wheat flour, chickpea flour and thickened milk. Freshly grated coconut, carrots or white pumpkin is sometimes added. The mixtures are perfumed with sweet spices like cardamom and nutmeg, studded with nuts and raisins, and shaped into colorful squares and rounds. The preparing, consuming and giving of sweets is a significant facet of Diwali food incorporation in the festival.

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Snacks – both sweet and savory – are also prepared and shared with friends and families. Each city in India has its own version. These include countless variations on crisp poories (deep-fried poppadam-like breads) made with lentil flour, cumin and crushed green chilies, or sugar and cardamom, Bombay mix-like chiwda, and crescent moon-shaped pasties, known as ‘gujia’ or karanji, stuffed with fresh coconut, raisins, nuts and spices.

Other than sweets and savories, the Diwali food selection varies according to which region and community one comes from – each has its own specialties, own traditions and own ‘must-have’ dishes.

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