Announcement: Diwali Decorations

As you prepare your Diwali greeting cards we’ve put together some tips for decorating your home. Diwali is a much awaited festival for Hindus around the world. It marks the Hindu New Year and celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Diwali is also known as “Deepavali”, or the “Festival of Lights”. The literal translation of Deepavali is “rows of small earthen lamps”. Check out this collection of Diwali decoration ideas for plenty of inspiration while decorating your home for the holidays.

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Diwali Decorations

Get your friends and family members in the Diwali spirit by adorning your home with some of these great Dewali decoration ideas. Whether you are thinking of making only small ornamental adjustments, or going all out this season, we have some great ideas you can use for your decoration inspiration!

Diyas – Small lamps or candles

As Diwali is also known as the Festival of Lights, diyas play a big part in the, decorations for the holiday. A diya is a small clay lamp filled with oil. The wick of the diya is lit and it serves as a source of light much like a candle. Lights, candles and lamps are an integral part of festive Diwali decor. Traditionally, Hindus illuminate their entire house with diyas. They place them at entrances to their homes, as well as by windows and around the interior and exterior of the house.

For your celebration, you can purchase diyas or use candles or tea lights. Another option is to make your own diyas at home. This is a great craft project for the kids! You can buy diyas online or even make them at home with your children.

For a simple decor on Diwali place diyas or candles liberally around your house, in entryways, and even outside your doors. You can also use floating tea-lights amidst rose petals as centerpieces.


For a more dramatic effect, you can create rows of diyas marking the entry way to your house or display them creatively in geometric patterns. For an added touch, surround them with flower petals. See the images below for inspiration and ideas. They show a creative display of diyas and flower petals in a paisley pattern and a simple display in a circular design.


Twinkling Lights/ Christmas Lights

Another great option is to use twinkling lights or Christmas lights to create a festive atmosphere. Diwali, after all, is the festival of lights. You can be very creative in their use. Some ideas are to put them on bushes at the entrance of your home or to make an arch out of them that guests have to pass through. You could even shape a string to look like a giant diya.

Diwali Torans (Door Hangings)

For every special occasion in India, doorways are always newly decorated. This is important, as it is the first thing a visitor sees before the door to the house is opened. For special & religious occasions like Diwali, torans are often made of fresh flowers and Mango tree leaves. Torans are also made of beads, mirrors, and fabric.


Weather you string one for yourself with beads or flowers, or buy one online, don’t forget to deck up your doorway the Indian way.


Rangoli is a colorful pattern on the ground made of motifs, flowers and geometrical patterns. It is made near the entrance to a house to welcome guests. We have put together an article titled “Rangoli Designs and Rangoli Patterns” that is all about the art of Rangoli. Check, it out, for ideas on how to use this unique artform to decorate for your Diwali celebration.

Aakash Kandil (Diwali Lamps/Lanterns)

There is a lot of variety available for lanterns/lamps traditionally used for Diwali. They are simple and easy to make. Its a tradition in many families to put up lanterns made by children at home. You can make yours at home with these step by step instructions or buy one online.


Laxmi Ganesh Sculptures and Idols

As Lakshmi-Ganesh Puja is an intrinsic part of the Diwali Festival, Lakshmi-Ganesh sculptures and idols are a very important Diwali decorative item. These come in interesting designs in various sizes.


Have fun with your Diwali Decorations this year! Shop our amazing collection of colorful Diwali greeting cards.