April Fools Day Ideas For The Workplace

Submitted by Janelle, Fischer

If your workplace is in need of some April Fools Day ideas, here are a few ideas! Although April Fools pranks can be lots of fun, remember to use discretion on who you might choose to play a prank on.

Whats wrong with my mouse?

Use a piece of scotch tape and cover up the laser part of your coworkers mouse. Stay after work or pop into their cube while they’re away from their computer. The mouse wont work with the tape over it and they’ll start unhooking all their cords and slamming it against the desk before realizing to turn it over! For extra spice, write the words “APRIL FOOLS!” on the piece of tape!

Man down!

Before your coworker gets to work, unscrew the wheels on their desk chair. Most of them pop out with a strong tug. Place the wheels back in their sockets lightly so that it still looks like the chair is assembled. When your coworker sits down, the chair collapses suddenly! (This is best played on quick, agile people!)

Whats wrong with my phone?

Grab a piece of scotch tape and go to your coworkers phone. Lift the receiver and stick the tape on the phones switch hook so that you can no longer hear the dial tone. The next day, when your coworker gets a phone call, theyll pick up their receiver, but the phone will keep on ringing! (Note if you know your coworker is expecting an important call, call them with your cell phone for them to fall for the prank first!)

Please see me!

Pick a target (lets say “Todd”). Come in early and leave a Post-It note on everyone elses monitor saying “See me when you get in Todd.” Everyone will be coming to his cube and asking him what he wanted to see them about!

Annoying homepage…

When your coworker is at a meeting and leaves their computer unlocked, go into their internet options in their browser and change their homepage to: http://www.funnyjunk.com/pages/haha.htm.

Have a fun April Fool’s Day!

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