10 Great April Fools Pranks For Kids

Have fun this April 1st and plan a few silly tricks on your kids. You can easily get a laugh out of your children while providing a few giggles for yourself. We’ve found 10 great (mostly) harmless but hilarious April Fools pranks for kids. Take a look and get inspired to make any of these pranks your own. Pick one or a few to ensure laughter the whole day through!

Fake Potato

This one takes a little time to construct but is great for little kids! They freak out with this dinner time fake out. Bonus: you can use for playtime after the prank is finished!

Musical Beds

This trick works if you have a home full of heavy sleepers. It’s a super funny gag to play on the kids. Tuck everyone in just as normal on the eve of April 1st. Once the little ones are fast asleep, gently shuffle them around so that each child wakes up in the other’s bed!

The Spray Down

This is a classic trick. All you need is a rubber band and a kitchen sink sprayer. Simply place a rubber band around the sprayer, keeping it in the one position. Tilt the sprayer up enough that it will spray out instead of down. Hide around the corner and wait! The first person to turn on the kitchen faucet will get more than they bargained for!

Meatloaf Cake

If your family likes meatloaf, this trick will not go to waste! Bake a meatloaf in a cake pan. “Frost” it with mashed potatoes and complete it with candles. The kids will be wondering who’s birthday it could be until they cut into the “cake”

Dinner in Reverse

Set the table as you normally would but serve dessert first and then the main course. Your kids will be baffled that you are letting them eat ice cream before dinner but keep your poker face! Act as if this is the normal way a meal progresses. The trick in this prank is not acknowledging the prank, it will leave the kids confused and you’ll get a good chuckle at the end of the night.

April Fools Day

Open Door Policy

This prank takes a little work but is worth it. While the kids are at school, remove the door from their bedroom or bathroom. See how long it takes them to notice they can’t have their privacy (then maybe, they’ll even start respecting yours.)

Bald is Beautiful

(This is good for teenage girls and boys.) Find an old doll who has a similar shade of hair to the kids. Cut the hair off and place it on their pillow while they are sleeping. They’ll wake up confused and a little afraid they’re already loosing their hair.

Rock and Roll Parents

After the kids go to bed the night before April Fools Day or early in the morning before they get up, take turns tattooing each other with temporary tattoos. You can even put in some temporary hair color to complete your new look. Make sure you put the tattoos in places they’ll be seen (arms, nape of neck etc.) You can even accessorize with some body jewelry like a nose ring. As the morning begins, carry on as usual and soak in the confused looks.

What Room Am I In?

After the kids go to bed, pick a room or the whole house if you’re ambitious, to rearrange. Turn furniture upside down, put towels in the fridge, whatever funny way you can think of to mix things up. The kids will be giggling all morning long!

Flavored Milk?

For the milk lovers in your family, this is a harmless but funny prank. Put a few drops of food coloring in the milk to turn it any color you wish. When the kids go to pour milk on their cereal, they’ll be in for a bit of a surprise!

Have fun this April Fools Day! Just remember to be a good sport and keep your sense of humor. None of these pranks are meant to induce harm, just a good laugh or two. Also, be ready for retribution! Your kids might just decide any day can be April Fool’s Day!