Pool Party Decoration Ideas

Water, sunshine, cool drinks, friends and lots of fun…sounds like the ingredients for a great pool party! Summer is almost officially here and if you’re lucky enough to own a pool, you’re surely planning a summer fill of pool parties. Our party experts have come up with some great pool party decoration ideas to help you put on a splash-tastic pool party this summer.

Pool Basics

 First, all pool party decorations should be relatively water-resistant. This means no crepe paper or anything else that basically disintegrates when exposed to water. You also want to make sure that you organize the area so that food and drinks are separate from the swim area. You don’t want food ending up in the pool! Make sure you always have extra towels and sunscreen on hand. Even if you request that guests bring their own, it’s always good to have some extra just in case.

Pool Party Invitations

Browse PurpleTrail’s collection of pool party invitations and stock up on your favorite styles. People’s calendars tend to fill up fast during the summer, so let your guests know early that there are spots for them at your pool.

Pool Party Decoration Ideas: The Basics

pool party beach balls

photo courtesy of celebrations.com

Daytime pool parties are full of lighthearted fun in the sun, so decorate with bright colors and keep the theme beachy. Consider using blow up beach balls as decor. Scatter them all over and let the kids play with them. If you have tables set up, a great centerpiece options is making a little pool kit for people to use. Set plastic sand pails in the center of the tables with some inexpensive sunglasses, sunscreen, and little water guns. Consider purchasing inexpensive hand fans to set out for guests as well. Display them in decorative array and they can double as a decoration! Balloons are always a hit at any party and can double as a party favor for the kids.

If you’re hosting an evening pool party, string up some festive outdoor lights and place some votives on your table (away from the water, of course).  For centerpieces, buy cheap clear plastic vases or round bowls and fill them with water. Add in some flower heads or votives. For the drinks, embellish with paper umbrellas or toothpicks with fresh fruit on them. If you have any luau decorations, definitely break them out for your pool party. Anything that has a tropical summer theme is appropriate!

DIY Pool Noodle Garland

One of the most original pool party decoration ideas is to make pool noodle garland (click the link for the tutorial) and string it up around your deck. It’s an inexpensive, fun way to decorate.

Beach Scene

 A fun thing to do if you have the space is to set up a real beach scene. Get a bag or two of sand from the hardware store and spread it out on a small tarp. Add in a little kiddie pool, a beach ball, a beach blanket, some sand toys, or anything that fits in with your pool theme. You can use this area as a picture back drop and photograph each guest to later send them as a keepsake from the party.


Party ware:

 When picking out plates, napkins, cups and utensils consider investing a little more and purchasing some nice plastic ware that can be cleaned in the dishwasher for re-use as well as cloth napkins. The other bonus of using plastic plates and cups is that they will float if dropped in the pool. If you are on a budget, check out the clearance aisle of your favorite discount store or second hand store. Mix and match brightly colored items to create an eclectic summertime feel. Set up bins marked “cups” “plates” and “silverware” so guests know where to put things when finished. This way you’ll always have dishes to feed your pool party guests.

We hope these pool party decoration ideas have inspired you to host your best summer bashes yet! Be sure to check out all of PurpleTrail’s blog posts on pool party tips and ideas for more ways to make your pool party amazing.

Have a splashing good time at your pool party!