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  1. Use the trays on the left to customize the design by adding text, photos, artwork or shapes.

  2. Once you select an item on the design, quick tools become available to make adjustments like aligning the item to left or center, bringing the item forward or sending it back, or changing its color and opacity.

  3. You can also selct an item and right click with mouse to get access to some common options like Copy, Paste, Arrange, Align, Delete, etc.

  4. Alignment tools are available to help with placement of items with respect to the available design area. You can align an element horizontally or vertically to either edges of the design to center.

  5. The zoom tool helps you see a larger zoomed in view of your design. Once you are zoomed in, you can use the mouse wheel to scroll up and down the design area that is not completely visible.

  6. You can lock an element to freeze its properties and position. Locked elements cannot be deleted accidentlly or changed in anyway. Once selected, you can use the Unlock option to unfreeze them.

  7. Unlock all items to move, rearrange or delete them from the design.

  8. Select any item on the design and click on the Delete tool to remove it from the design.

  9. Easily access all parts of the design that are customizable.

  10. Have fun designing! If you would like additional help, please see our help site.