Halloween Invitation Wording Ideas

Halloween can be such a fun time a year. Complete with tricks and treats what’s not to love? On a holiday like Halloween your creativity may be put to the test in more ways than one, not only do you have to come up with a costume but what do you say on your next Halloween Party Invitations? We can help you with the last part! Leila gives a peek at some of our Halloween designs and the Halloween invitation wording we choose.

1. This is a great fun way to play with a Halloween saying. By using the embellishments and varying fonts the invitation has a fun spirit to it which after all isn’t that what Halloween is all about anyway?

2. Here is another popular type treatment for something a little bit more upscale. As you can see the designer uses the elegant script font ChopinScript to call your attention, but was very careful not to overdo it. Too much script can be too much of a good thing. Pairing a script font with a simpler serif font like Felix is a great way to organize your additional information. As you can see in this invitation the Script is used to highlight small pieces but the pertinent details are legible by using a simpler font.

3. This invitation is a fun play on words. With Boo-ze.  As you will see the designer uses color and varying fonts to highlight the theme of this fun party. While there are two display fonts used we were careful not to go overboard. All of the pertinent details are listed in the same font (rockwell) too many display fonts can clutter your design and make it difficult to read. By just using a hint of these fonts we were able highlight the fun information and still maintain the organization needed for all the pertinent details by using a simpler font for them.

4. Here is another great example of having fun with your wording. Keeping the theme of Halloween alive we stacked the text in varying color, sizes, and fonts to capture our audience. Be very careful when trying to copy this style. It looks the best when it is the central item on the page like this. Because this was a trifold invitation there was plenty of room on other panels for the pertinent details which allowed more wordplay on the front. Also try adding a spooky Halloween poem to your invitation to keep the theme alive!

5. For a more kid friendly option, this is a great Halloween invitation. We chose to use the words from a popular song to add the Halloween spirit! These little monsters were a perfect touch! And again you will see our designers played with font, size, and color to grab attention. This works great because the colors were sampled directly from the embellishment and since this is the only text on the page the configuration can be manipulated to make it a little more interesting.

Here are a few great Halloween Invitation Wording Ideas you can use for the inside of your Halloween cards and Halloween invitations.

Attention all GHOSTS & GOBLINS
You are invited to our SPOOK-TACULAR HAUNT
Saturday, October 29th

At the bewitching hour of 8

The Parkside Clubhouse
Your Ghostly Hosts: Tom & Lisa
We’re DYING to hear from you
Come dance to Thriller and the Monster Mash Crawl on over to our Halloween Boo Bash Ghosts and witches and monsters too. They’re all invited and so are you!
Come see all the costumes,it’ll be quite a sight

When we celebrate at our party Halloween Night


Food and drink and witches brew, the only thing we still need is you!

Happy Haunting! You can find even more Halloween Wording Invitation Ideas from PurpleTrail.

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